My Side of the Mountain–Looking for Winter Lodging . . .




This tree was on the path to the beach south of Yachats today.  It reminded us of our study we are doing about Henry David Thoreau and the movie My Side of the Mountain.  One of the activities is to think of a place to make a one year home out of. This might not be the best spot, as it is right next to a trail, but the tree could be hallowed out!




Wonder how long this tree has been stuck in this rock?
Could be hallowed out – but not make a good home. . . .

The edges were sooooooo smooth.




A little hike to the rocks to have some lunch while on the way home from Coos Bay today.


My friend Randy and I – I’m in the blue coat!



Wowza. These are some great pebbles! Wanna see them in perspective?


One of my pebbles, looking at pebbles. They are both so grown up.
That lil pebble is 6 feet tall!


See the cave above?  It inspired this alternative version of My Side of the Mountain by one of the boys – Nate.

Once upon a time, there was a kid that wanted to spend a year on the beach. He wanted to be closer to the street so he found a beach right on the road. Instead of a house made out of a tree, he found a house made out of a rock. He needed to find food – so instead of peregrine Falcone at the top of a cliff, he climbed down a hill to find a seagull. It could hunt all of his crabs, muscles and fish. Except the seagull didn’t share, and just looked at him like he’d rather have some of his crackers. So he had to keep going into town to grab  chicken burgers at Burger King.  After having thousands of tourists invade his camp, he got annoyed and went home. Then End.


These holes were scattered on the cliffs. Wondering if they are seagull?


We are having fun discussing the movie – and look forward to sharing with you the guide that is providing our direction these two weeks! You are going to love it!

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3 Responses to My Side of the Mountain–Looking for Winter Lodging . . .

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  2. Jessy says:

    Thanks for popping by my blog. Great hike! We’ve been exploring this week too.

  3. ohiosarah says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting me over at Growing For Christ! I loved your pictures.

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