December Fitness Wrap-up


The Legacy of HomeI have been so thankful to participate in this month’s Fitness Kickoff – even though this is the last post in the series, it has kicked off my winter fitness – and will continue to do so!

The whole family got on board, choosing to:

  • Move more when we could sit
  • have less screen time
  • eat smaller portions
  • choose better food choices
  • keep down the snacking
  • eat more meals throughout the day in smaller amounts
  • be willing to grab a rain coat or just plain ol’ get wet.


P1020415My goals were fulfilled – in that I did, with the help of a friend, finally walk up to the KOA for a hot tea. In the summer we walked / drove up here every Saturday night for a bon fire and a huge bowl of Tillamook Ice Cream. We’d just gotten out of the habit. These folks are so nice and welcoming. It is a little over a quarter mile walk, up hill, to get to the store, then – down hill all the way home. We ended up walking to what is called Sand Point Loop – a nice 2 mile walk – but it gave me the “I can do it” to walk up and get a tea.


We have really enjoyed the  month of December as the sun shone just about every day, the grass grew, the buds opened, my hydrangeas bloomed, roses, pansies, etc – crazy town around here.  But – on the forecast – it is starting to prove that we do in fact live in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m waking up to more days that look like it is above. Helps me to hunker down and do seat work in the mornings – makes the sand hard packed and easier to walk – keeps our attention on the western horizon for a break in the rain.

We went out yesterday for a couple of hours, I was inclined to just go home, but once we were wet – well?  We just had fun.

The greatest joy from this month has come on the scale and in the mirror.  My face isn’t all puffy from eating and sitting for a month. My clothes are loose on my frame. The scale doesn’t show that I’ve lost more than a couple of pounds but for the first time in years, I haven’t gained any in December. We ate a lot of fudge, pie, and holiday dinners – but the moving helped to settle it all.

We’ll incorporate Intentional Physical Fitness into our weeks in January – and if I’m posting about Beach Schooling or Lake Schooling – you’ll know we are getting outside!

Great News!
Would you like ongoing encouragement in 2012 for your own fitness goals? You are cordially invited over to Tea Time with Annie Kate who runs our Fit Mommy Friday program!  She is inspiring, encouraging and will host check-ins, each week, throughout the year.

Thank you so much for following along on our month long fitness challenge!  Please check-out our team’s final reports:

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Briana – I Can’t Decide,
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Susan – Homeschooling Hearts and Minds,
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Renita – Weighing Hearts,
Kathy – Teaching Good Things,
Angie – Petra School

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4 Responses to December Fitness Wrap-up

  1. Briana says:

    Awesome! I don’t lose weight easily either but my clothes do get big just from gaining more muscle. Congrats on the healthy month for you and your family.

  2. You did great on this and I’m glad it has helped you! Blessings to you my friend and Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like you had a great month—and fitting better into your clothes does feel good, doesn’t it? Wishing for a fit New Year for you and your family. ;0)

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