Pulling together Art, Composers, Bible and Geography

We started with Notebooking.  I have purchased several packages of Notebooking Pages.  While they have been helpful to me – opening my eyes to possibilities – they have never really been used by the boys. Even with Nature Studies – I have had to stand over their knuckles with a ruler to get them to write down the information that has been free flowing verbally . . . well, maybe not that drastic – but you get the idea.

Many times, they will write like crazy in their nature journals, but not in the notebooking page. We’ll cut and paste from their scraps of paper to place in the notebook. I blame years of Lapbooking . . . .So – I got a huge idea. Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Don’t make them write in printed notebook pages.  Ya. I know. You’d have never thought of that either.

P1020607 I have them each a ruled notebook, and a new blank sketch book.  Nate chose ruled, Jon chose blank.

Next we picked a verses about Wolves and Bears from the Galloping the Globe unit study on Russia. The boys were to write the verses out, they each wrote out the verses and drew a little scene.

P1020587     P1020592

Strangely, they each did more work than they’ve done without coaching on a printed page.


Again, today, we had our first discussion on Tchaikovsky, and they chose the ruled and blank, and again, wrote more and did more than they had the entire last semester of any composer.  Hm. So they don’t like printed Notebook Pages?

Harmony Art Mom Grade 8,
Modern Era Art

We moved over to Russia, and tagged where Tchaikovsky was born, where he went to school, and where he died.  While the maps were out, we looked at The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide to see other areas that should be identified.  I used a blank map printed from WonderMaps, and also printed a filled out map from WonderMaps so they could find the objects. I even let them use my FriXion Pens . . . so they could make changes. Jon didn’t fill out too many places, Nate quickly found all of the landmarks from the Middle School, so next week we’ll look at the High School areas as well.


Above – Nothin, and Somethin,  – To describe Siberia.  Ha!



We spent so much time with our composer – that we didn’t get time to talk about Renoir too much. We’ll chat about him next week.  We did get to finish the first project from Artistic Pursuits Junior High Book 2. They both earned the complete 25 points from the  Rubric.


So there ya have it.  Week one, almost done.


And while I have your attention – I’m just going to have them work in one spiral for notebooking. We’ll keep the pattern of Bible, Geography, Music, Art and Nature.  I’ll either just keep them by date, or cut out the pages and separate them into a sheet protectors – but like I said in my last post, I don’t think I need the beads to all be the same color pattern . . . On the left, Jon wrote about his grammar lesson, and then drew a story about The Monkey, the Cat and the Chestnut. What we learned? None of us can draw a monkey – unless monkeys look like mice.

Which led to an entire family monkey drawing contest.



So – We take more time to work on our writing tomorrow, and then look forward to our Winter Walk on Friday.  It might be a winter look out the window if this storm continues.  See ya Friday!


(I will put the link to the Composers when it goes live later this week.)

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3 Responses to Pulling together Art, Composers, Bible and Geography

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  2. Jimmie says:

    What a great post about notebooking — what really works for your boys. I agree that blank paper is so freeing. Some people find it intimidating, though. But it certainly seems to work for your boys! Keep providing the notebooks, right?

  3. Mary says:

    I love the notebook! Great idea!

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