Virtual Curriculum Fair–Wrap-up


This week’s Virtual Curriculum Fair Wrap – Up – is to Put it all together. I went out this morning for a Beach walk – with you all on my mind.  I’m not really sure to whom these thought should be directed. So – I’ll just start typing –

I almost didn’t join the Virtual Curriculum Fair – but I wanted to show what tools we use, as an Almost Unschooling Relaxed Learning Charlotte Mason Eclectic Notebooking Delight Directed Christian family. I’ve had people actually contact us to meet in person as they had never met a Christian Unschooler before. I didn’t want to throw out books and resources – and present the idea of – If you use these products you’ll turn out like us. Some would take that as a good thing, others not so much . . . ha.


I thought I’d leave with with advice that was given to me, that I would give to anyone – no matter what resources you use to train your child academically  —

Pray – Be Still – and Seek Him.  Have you spent time in quiet? Have you earnestly stopped and asked the Lord what goals he has for each of your children? Have you asked him about goals for the upcoming few months, this year, and when they are 25? Have you asked him what the mission of your family is right now?

Tell Fear To Flee.  Have you made choices in your child’s learning based on fear? On what they may miss out on?  If you looked at your days, weeks, and saw trouble areas, are these books or classes that you chose out of fear or peer pressure? Spend time reading books and blogs from those who have graduated children who primarily learned at home.  Not to see what they used – but to know that He Has A Plan – and that it will work out.

Be Flexible.  This year alone I thought I had two different plans in mind to go forward with – and it really didn’t fit our family – immediately other choices were presented.  We shifted, I changed gears and we moved forward.  Never stick your foot in the sand, unwilling to move, over academics.

Stand Firm. In the Word.  Read it! Daily! Read it with your kiddos.  As much as we have learned about Nature these last couple of years – learning to really observe things that we see every day – learning layer upon layer. Even items that we touched on last year, have more depth this season – the same is true for reading The Word.  Never think you know who God is. Never think you know what he has done. Always leave room each day to observe Him at work, read, pray, and follow.

Be Obedient. Be Uncomfortable.  It was uncomfortable for me to stand before my homeschool friends when the boys were little and declare that we would not use curriculum.  My parents said they would pay for anything we ordered. I think we worried them when our only supplies came up to $80.00 that first year for two boys and were all used book store field guides. Each year we have very little supplies to order, most of our supplies are online or at the library, or borrowed. My mom just called me this week to make sure we were letting her know about our book needs. If you are standing next to many Relaxed Learners – but you really need structured Scope and Sequence made for you – Be uncomfortable around me. If you really need that job and need to use an outside source to give your child academics – Do It. If you know not one unschooler but you feel that it is the way for you – Do it. As long as you’ve done the Prayer, Flexible, Fear Riddence, Standing, and Obedience – Do It. Be ready to do anything the Lord asks.

Be Ready.  I could write pages and pages of how we had a need, and that day, that hour, that morning, a call or email out of the blue answered the need. Financially, academically, spiritually.  The only need that never seems met is Janitorial Services.  I mean seriously. We don’t need homeschool waivers, we need Merry Maid Service.  Ha.

The Lord has promised to train you. He has a plan for your child. Make sure you are a part of that plan and not a hindrance or a block. And Enjoy. Be silly. Have fun.  As we enter 9th Grade I am so aware that we are almost done. I am no longer fearful of High School for the level of work involved, but reflective of how little time I have left to spend each day with my boys. I cherish every dirt filled zombie storied water fighting nerf blasting noisy moment. And, every once in a while, we’ll kick in some reading and math.


The links to the Curriculum Fair will go Live on Tuesday!!!!!

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6 Responses to Virtual Curriculum Fair–Wrap-up

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  5. Tiffany says:

    This was so very encouraging to me and along the lines of what I have been wrestling through this past week. I am just in my second year of homeschooling after bringing my oldest home from school, and two of my three precious children have a host of special needs. Sometimes it is really hard and I am not sure if I can do this, or should. But God quieted my heart this week and helped me conquer Fear, and now this, your beautiful post. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, Angie, for an inspiring post. It was just what I needed to read today after a particularly difficult few days in our own journey in home learning. Often the difficulties come when I pay too much attention to what other people are doing. I just need to be reminded (constantly) that our Lord directed me to keep my children at home because their needs are special. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always worth it. Many blessings to you.

    And I am very thankful that you decided to join the Virtual Curriculum Fair. ;0)

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