Art and Music–Copland and Modern Art


It’s hard to come up with exciting photos from our Artist and Composer studies.   I’ll give a re-cap of the week:

Listening to Aaron Copeland, his “cowboy western” theme music. Several times we stopped the track to find out which piece was playing. Many of the themes were familiar to us. There was one comment that a part sounded like a piece off of their video game – set in the future with robot warfare. I giggled. We love the links that are included in our Grade 8 Fine Arts book – it makes it SO easy to listen to the music!

Looking at John Singer Sargent Paintings of people – of Robert Louis Stevenson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson – among others.

I am loving Carnation LilyLady Agnew and Morning Walk
File:Sargent Carnation Lily Lily Rose.jpg File:Sargent Lady Agnew of Lochnaw.jpgFile:John Singer Sargent - Morning Walk.jpg

Nathan worked on studying about the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, answering questions about:

  • Structural Notes,
  • What is it about,
  • What does it mean,
  • How was it made, and
  • Do you like it?

He did like it quite a bit.  (After declaring he Did Not like Modern Art). We talked about the need for memorials on the coast, often found near ports here on Highway 101.  The loss that families feel when the news comes back – Lost at Sea, Lost at War, Lost. I enjoyed our conversation and reading his observations from his experiences and internet findings. 

While he was busy working on his notebook page, Jon and I went out to the craft room to work on a self portrait. We didn’t have a mirror that would be easy to move, so Jon came up with the idea of using his iPod.  20th century folks.


Anyone noticing a Coffee in Photo theme I seem to be having this year?  Ha.

So I leave you with Jon – who created a seat to watch the lake – during the twig study – which made my heart faint, wondering when that branch would break . . . Boys.




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2 Responses to Art and Music–Copland and Modern Art

  1. Aaron Copland is one of the composers that I like to listen to on a regular basis and Lady Agnew is my absolute favorite Sargent painting. I am so glad that HFA is working for your family….we are working in the same time period but at a high school level so it is fun to hear what your boys think. 🙂

    Love your photo selection.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, I love hearing them!

  2. Diana says:

    Ah…. boys…. My own topography offers different challenges. My biggest angst is how quickly he wears out shoes… and SOCKS! (He constantly runs out the door in only socks. Anybody know of a maker of kevlar socks? Need something that won’t get holes so quickly… ::sigh::)

    Great entry. Thanks for sharing.

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