The Art of Argument, Classical Academic Press, A Review

As a part of my time with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was honored to be given The Art of Argument for free to use in our home learning! We are gearing up to step up our academic focus in Logic, as both boys enter into the Middle School / High school learning phases.  We received the Student Workbook, Teacher’s Manual and a sample DVD of 7 classes.  I really enjoyed the DVD and can see that if you plan to do this at home with one child, the DVD would make the world of difference. You feel like you are sitting at the table with several other students, and a very engaging teacher, discussing the lesson. In contrast, without a Co-op class or DVD, I had three of the boys in our home read the first lesson, and then discuss it.  The 12 year old, advanced in his reading and thinking, had all sorts of questions about the text itself. What is a Philosopher? What does a Philosopher do? I didn’t know you could Argue and still be kind. The 13 year old did not engage too much with the text, and said that he learned – If you are going to argue, make sure you have a good argument. The 14 year old was still pondering the text, and had a few comments about wanting to do it in the group as a co-op. I would say that the Text would be better suited for High School age, however, the 12 year old in our home was the most engaged with the text. If you have a younger student who enjoys learning by reading, they will have a wealth of information in this book! I am planning on joining a co-op next year that has made plans to use this with a group of 14-16 year old boys. I am REALLY glad we received a free copy from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and anticipate a very engaging learning experience next year. I would highly recommend this product for your classical pursuits!

Both the student and the teacher’s edition of the Art of Argument can be purchased from the Classical Academic Press website.

The student edition of the Art of Argument can be purchased for $21.95 and the teacher’s edition is $24.95.

Join the Crew on the Blog Page to see how the other families incorporated this in their home. Also, all of the nuts and bolts of the curriculum, as well as links to sample pages and the DVD sample are posted on The Blog.  We have had the addition of 4 new children into our home these past 4 weeks, and found it difficult to incorporate, to the best that it could be used, at this time. However, under normal Petra School times, we would have read the text as a family and discussed it. I really do look forward to co-op next year using this with the boys!

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