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Middle School Writing. Ya.  I don’t mean to scare you away  – or stir anxieties – so I just thought I’d throw the topic out there.  Grammar.  Literature. Essay Writing. Sentence Structure. Narration. Thought Organization.  What exactly – IS? Middle School Writing. How do you know you are ever doing . . . . . Enough?


I would look at the goals of the writing program.  I have been privileged to use a new program, Write with World, in our home. Write with World assembled quite a few real world successful writers, and had them come together to help our young students learn to write – with an end result, of being able to be published some day. After all, what would all the grammar, structure and organization mean to your student, if no one ever reads it?

Our Experience:  We started with the first unit, and Nathan wasn’t enjoying it, or doing the work without my prodding. When I asked, he said it was boring, and that he didn’t like looking at advertisements. .(The first lesson). I spent some time looking at the goals of each lesson from the table of contents, and realized that it was just too simple.  We moved towards the the end of the lessons, and he was more challenged.  I have a feeling that he might have been more suited for the Second Year book.  Each lesson is simple to walk though. Nate seemed to do a more thorough job when we sat side by side and did the lesson together. I thought the lessons were well laid out, easy to understand, with simple transitions. In the links below, you can spend time seeing what the lessons are all about. I’m torn in giving an ‘opinion’.  From a parent/ teacher point of view, I think this program is extremely fresh and different than anything out there. I like the fact that it was written by so many professionals, and not just the result of a mom who taught her middle schooler’s english co-op and wrote out what they did. I like the quality of the book, and the ease of reading it. I REALLY just like it.  However, Nate – not so much.  I think he likes the grammar nuts and bolts, simple  – this is how to write – assignments, and then using that on his reports and research of his interests. I will keep these books around and start Jon, my 5th grader, on the program in the fall. I will keep my fingers crossed that he likes it as well as I do.

The sample is from the first pages, here is a view of the lesson we did today:




P1060253Write with WORLD has assembled the expertise and real-world practice of professors, journalists and editors to produce young writers who love writing and can effectively share ideas, beliefs, and their worldview. (Authors)



Write With WORLD , Full Curriculum Year ONE
Includes 1 Teacher Textbook w/Online Access and 1 Student Textbook – $95.00

Disclosure: I received the Full Curriculum Year One for Free in exchange for using the curriculum in my home and sharing my honest experience with you. This review is part of my tour on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.


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