April Beach Walk



We start from 72nd street and walk to a hill called ‘The Knob”. On this day, April 3rd, 2012, we were almost at a full moon. The full moon cycle gives us extreme low and high tides. In the photo above and below, notice that the beach has been stripped down to bedrock. Come summer time, the sand will be deposited back – and walking this stretch of beach will take all of the foot, leg, and buttocks muscles a girl can muster. For today, it’s a pretty easy stretch.



Nathan picked up a compound bow off of Craigslist to use or resell, and wanted to try it out.  We knew this hour of the day would have few visitors to the beach.  He totally missed his Styrofoam target, and we spent about a half hour playing ‘find the arrow’.





The colors were all silver and grey and dark. Crazy. The ocean colors reflecting the clouds above. As the sun set, and was masked by each layer, the water would change in turn.



The ‘prize’ for me, is reaching the end of the sand, and being able to see the rocks up close. Watching the waves crash. The Ocean was pretty mild at Road’s End this day. It’s crazy how thick the clouds can be to block out the sun.





Jon follows me on the walks, with a stick. He likes to make a trail for me to follow back. I have to stay on the trail, and do the tasks he assigns.




Take a Photo



I try not to call or text when we are on the beach. 
If he hears my phone give my text announcement of
“You Have a Text Message”, he’ll add a texting station.



And back to our entrance again. He had me jump over holes, do quite a few loops, zig and zag, and generally have a fun walk home. His favorite is the Jumps, where the trail stops and you have to jump to where it starts again. Not my favorite.


The weather is always crazy on the coast. We were looking out at the sun struggling to make it’s way through the storm clouds, and here is what was going on behind us. bright blue sky, crazy layers of puffy clouds.



If P1060063


If you’re ever driving down the Oregon Coast on Highway 101 and need a tour guide for a beach walk – give me a call!  Until then, I hope you enjoy the virtual walks!

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3 Responses to April Beach Walk

  1. Beautiful pictures…and walk!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your beach walk posts! Reminds me of the trip out there, and it is always lovely to see the beach, even from here in Vancouver. Your photos always make it look so expansive and alive; I can almost feel the wind and smell the salt! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I love Jon’s trail and task stations for you!

  3. I would love to come and walk…and follow a trail too! Make a note to Jon that I need to have the full treatment when I do make it to Oregon for my Petra School Beach Walk. 🙂

    Lovely images…amazing clouds!

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