Spring Trees–An Encouraging Word

There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.  ~Minnie Aumonier

We have had several great conversations with the boys out walking amidst the trees this spring. Noticing the changes, differences from last year, the effects of March snows.  Random comments of how this tree has more bloom, or this tree is late with its leaves.

This is a new part of our nature walk conversations. It started from a simple challenge 2 years ago from Barb at Handbook of Nature Study.  The challenge was/is to pick a tree, in your yard or neighborhood, that you can study year round.  Each season take time observing your tree.

That first spring, we felt a little silly staring at a tree that we could see out the window. We even sniffed the bark (one of the suggested challenges). Yep. Pretty silly.  By the year’s end, we were quite familiar with our Red Alder that sits by the edge of the Lake.

All of this background story  – because the next few blog posts are going to show the benefits to knowing the trees in your area. Knowing their names. Knowing their shapes. Their visiting birds.  Observation.


Jon says – “Mom, I found another Robin to watch.”  I look outside and see nothing but grass.  “It’s up in the tree, over there”.  I roll my eyes at him. I can’t see a robin. He points out a dark lump on the tree, I zoom in with my trusty Lumix, and yes, it is a Robin.


I asked him how he found it – was it moving around?  “No, there was a new lump on that branch and I wondered what it was.”  He’s been really excited about Galls since we studied them, and he’s been pointing out Robins all month long. Let me give you the view from where we were standing:


If you match the branch that is in the first photo, with this Red Alder, you’ll see a lump, just before the branches fan out. . . . that my friends, is a Robin.

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.  ~Hal Borland

I hope we encourage you to observe trees in the upcoming posts!

Quotes from Quote Garden – Trees.

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2 Responses to Spring Trees–An Encouraging Word

  1. Bethany says:

    We love trees too! What keen eyes your son has!

  2. You have encouraged me to look at my tree….so many leaves right now! Very much changed from a few weeks ago. Love hearing about your nature study…

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