When Music Touches your Heart

I’ve been asked to review/share quite a bit of music with you this year, but I’d like to pause and share a personal story with you before I introduce you to this next album.

I was sitting in our church, the Coast Vineyard, writing down a few lyrics from a John Mark McMillian song, Closer   – ‘Do not pass me by, I’m naked poor and blind’ –  when I just started writing out words – I had a visual at the same time, and I was trying to describe it.  (I looked in my journal to try to find a date, or a reference to the struggle that was going on within – but I didn’t write a date – and the struggle is long forgotten.)

I wrote: “Giving it to you – laying it down. Caught in a hurricane that I did not create. Flowing. Ugly Damaging Fear, Dark.  Set in motion far away  – hits land at my shore.”

Then  I heard the words. Once, then twice.  Stephen, a member of our praise team,  was singing a new song – Let your love shine, like a beacon in the night, we’re comin’ home, we’re comin’ home.  Let it Shine On Us. . .

And all of a sudden, in the vision I was seeing, a mighty tall lighthouse rise up – it’s powerful bright beacon swept the shore line, revealing up every nook and cranny. All was revealed. I was covered in safety and security. I felt my feet planted. I felt a newness to love – to give love and mercy and grace.

Before this – I’m not sure I had ever had a conversation with Stephen. But I had to approach him, and like the strong courageous woman that I am, I bawled through trying to explain how the song was played at just the right time and the experience I had had during worship of total healing of this situation. Sniff Sniff.  Snort. Sniff. I really don’t think Stephen understood a word I said. Ha!

Several weeks later – we were in the Surf Shop  – and my youngest saw Stephen, and he says – that’s that guy – that sings that song – and twitches his lip.  Distracted mom that I am – I have to ask  – ‘huh’?  “You know mom, my favorite – Let it Shiii hiiiiiine, on us, Let it Shiiii hiiiine, on us, and it makes me feel safe when he sings it.” I just patted Jon on the head and smiled.

Ok. So – Fast forward to this week – when I get an email from Propeller asking if I’d like to review and giveaway the new CD from Vineyard – My Foundation, Cultivation Generation – Featuring The Neverclaim, Jesse Meyer David Linhard, Anabeth Morgan and Stephen Lampert! Yes! Yes I say, (well typed quickly on the iPod).

You know where this is going right?  The song is on there! Let it Shine!

Oh. But wait. There’s more!

This week – we are studying about the Throne Room with Beth Moore and Revelations.  This morning, I took the CD download on the lake (my test of good music) and I loved quite a few of the songs – especially Enthroned. Wow.

Sigh. I get excited.

I am MOST happy to introduce you to My Foundation – which is expected to be released on June 19th. I also get to give away one copy of the CD!

You may comment here, or on my Facebook Page – I will choose a name at random from the comments on the 19th of June.  Make sure I have your e-mail to contact you!

You are Going To Want this CD!

Cultivation_Gen_HIGH RES cover

Preorder in iTunes

  • My Soul Longs (feat. The Neverclaim)
  • Love Has Come, Love Has Won (feat. Jesse Meyer)
  • God Don’t Never Change (feat. David Linhard, Anabeth Morgan)
  • My Foundation (Found In You) (feat. Anabeth Morgan)
  • Let It Shine (feat. Stephen Lampert)
  • The Bridegroom (feat. The Neverclaim)
  • Your Kingdom’s Here (All My Life) (feat. Jesse Meyer)
  • Worthy (feat. Anabeth Morgan)
  • Life To Us (feat. David Linhart)
  • Enthroned On High (with Holy, Holy, Holy) (feat. The Neverclaim)
  • Walls Come Down (feat. Stephen Lampert)
  • They That Wait On The Lord (feat. The Neverclaim)
  • Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)- BONUS TRACK (feat. The Neverclaim)

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3 Responses to When Music Touches your Heart

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a cool intro to that CD. Music does have a way of touching our heart. I’d like to win a copy.

  2. sam says:

    How sweet a give away to share some awsome music.

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