Surf! Otter Rock N Roll


Otter Rock – Early in the morning – Anxious and Excited for a great day! It’s Otter Rock n Roll – celebrating International Surf Day by Surfrider Foundation (Technically June 20th), to both celebrate the sport of surfing, and to give something back to the oceans, waves and beaches that give us all so much.


The boys, having been introduce to surfing last summer by the Oregon Surf Shop – did not feel up to entering the Otter Rock n Roll competition. We were glad that there was a Beginner Class – that started with a 2 hour instruction session by Warm Current!





The boys tried out their training closer to shore near the cove with close supervision, patient training, and abundant encouragement.


Last year, the boys were not able to stand on their board unassisted. After this session – they were able to paddle, kneel, stand, and ride!  Woo Hoo! Oh the Smiles!



Nate got confident enough to go out into the deep larger waves with his instructor, and caught the wave all the way in. He was pretty stoked to have such an amazing ride!


Jon got up a few times, but still didn’t feel confident enough to leave the cove.


Meanwhile, on the beach, several families have gathered. There were several heats for boys and girls of all ages and challenges to clean the beach.






Guess who won First and Second Place Best Beginner? Oh – Yes, Nate and Jon!
The bags were filled with fun surfing goodies!


Although we found out about the competition and signed up for it because of the great write up in the Oregon Coast Today – We are MOST thankful to the Staff and families at the Oregon Surf Shop for their encouragement towards the boys to keep trying out on the waves !! We’ll keep following the calendar of activities at the Oregon Coast Today and keep reporting to you our adventures!

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3 Responses to Surf! Otter Rock N Roll

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  2. Leslie says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations on the wins and the great day of fun. So different from life in OK. I’m enjoying your blog!

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