Summer’s Break



The lake is warm, and we’ve had quite a few visitors over to play in the water. (Notice the Carp splash in the water by the grass).


This summer we’ve spent more time than usual with company at the beach as well. Usually we enjoy the beach during the quite times of winter. We’ve had a couple of bon fires, long walks, and many sunsets.


The boys were so excited about the Otter Rock n Roll  Surf Day – that they joined the local Tiger Sharks Surf Club, a 4 H Community Businesses sponsored event. They have had some swimming practice at the pool followed by a 5 hour flat water surf clinic at the lake.  I got to play around on a paddle board listening to all of the instruction, I really learned a lot! Board Control is key!  They finished that day being pulled back and forth across the lake by a Jet Ski while standing on surf and paddle boards.  FUN! A neighbor saw them and thought it was crazy!  I think we have a gym day and then another lake day – and then a Beach Day!




The boys tried out for the Missoula Children’s Theater this year – and they both got a part!  In The Frog Prince, Nate was a Knight and Jon was a Turtle/Swamp Thing. Nate showed up expecting to work the sound system again, and ended up with a part. He was pretty excited. I was really pleased to see how active he took his roll, without being shy or embarrassed.  He had a lot of fun! He was able to memorize the play quickly.  Oh. My little 6 foot 2 inch boy all growed up.


Jon made a fine turtle, and sang with gusto. He was the happiest swamp thing ya ever did see.





And me?  I’ve been pre-planning for fall.  Completely re-worked the library/classroom, revamped my Homeschool Tracker Plus to get us ready to shift into 9th grade, and have been reading more teacher guides and how to’s than I care to mention! We have had company every day, and spend the night visitors just about every other day. My car died the day after this photo – and I think I must have left my camera in the car, as these are the last photos uploaded. Can’t find the camera any where in the house. . . . . I’ll need to swing by the mechanic and look for it!

Lots of reading, nature study, fellowship and yard work for us this summer – We’ll pop in and keep ya posted!

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7 Responses to Summer’s Break

  1. What fun! Being involved in the theater at a young age was a transformative part of my childhood — just a great experience for your kids!

  2. North Laurel says:

    Great photos of the deer (of course). We love the Missoula Children’s Theater! Looks like your boys had a great time 🙂

  3. I love deer. We don’t see them in my neighborhood, but when we go to the foothills of the Sierra’s we see them. I love their graceful way about them. 🙂 I did not realize that they were swimmers. 🙂

  4. pebblekeeper says:

    They swam around the dock to get to our beach. (There is a small 2-3 foot beach below the grass line). We’ve never seen them swim before either!!!

  5. Are the deer swimming or wading? I have never seen that! How lovely your area is!

  6. Wow, you have been super busy but with lots of fun summer things!

    I absolutely love the deer in the lake photo!

  7. soa1 says:

    Maybe the boys will end up in Hollywood!

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