Surf Training–Otter Rock


We are having a blast participating in the Tigersharks 4H Surf Club here in Lincoln City.  Monday nights are Training Nights.  Ocean Education, Fitness Education, Flatwater Drills, and Swimming – 4 Quals  – and then ongoing education in these areas.  Once you have the basic quals down, you may surf with the coaches out in the bigger waves. Awesome.


Nate and Jon – look like they are going to be hit on the head by Casey’s SUP Paddle. Ha!


Jon said early on that he didn’t like surfing, that he didn’t like the deep water, and didn’t ever want to do ‘big waves’. He just liked being in the ocean on the boogie boards.  Well. Now, for 2 weeks, he’s taken out his own board – and this week – in the deep with the big boys – to the bigger waves. He surfed HARD for 2 hours. Crazy kid!






This is one of my favorite shots.  He’d been out for about an hour and a half.  He’s not looking at anyone. I’m pretty far away on the beach. He’s just watching the swells.


Coach Randy went out to get him – bring him back for the night – when I heard Randy say – I think there’s one more set out there for you Jon, lets go!  Ha!


Parents on the beach got a great fire going. Nate is warming his hands. I went out on the SUP board a bit – Nate was never out in the waves when I was on the beach with the Camera –


After over 2 hours of Surfing.


The gnarly stairs down to the Otter Rock Beach. They are a lot easier this year to climb back up than they were last year at this time for sure!

Big thanks to Oregon Surf Shop that donates the boards and extra gear for the kids, and to KLG Adventures for the coaching staff!!!!

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4 Responses to Surf Training–Otter Rock

  1. Two hours is a long time! Looks like they are gaining a lot of confidence….loved seeing what they are up to.

  2. stephsoul says:

    lol – yes, you really have to LOVE surfing! 🙂 thumbs up!

  3. stephsoul says:

    looks nice, but cold… uh la la…

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Yep! It takes a bit of dedication to surf in the Pacific Northwest! I couldn’t find it but I think the water is 55 degrees-ish. I jumped off the SUP board last night and had an entire head sensation of drinking a slurpie too quickly! oooooWie! Thanks for stopping by!

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