Box of IDEAS–World War Two Pearl Harbor

P1110695Box of I.D.E.A.S. (Ideally Dynamic Enrichment Activities) arrived at our home with whoops and hollers from me.  The packaging is adorable – it creates the excitement to be opened and played with.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew had a choice between Salt or World War Two Pearl Harbor (Physical Box).  I, personally, wanted to study Salt. I’m pretty fascinated lately at the origins of our seasonings. P1110698I asked to be able to review WW2 Pearl Harbor – because December 7th is a special day in our family.  The birth of my son and his grandmother – and the passing of my husband’s beautiful sister.  It’s a big day around here.  Each year, throughout the year, but especially on his birthday – every male over the age of 40 seems to ask Jon, “Do you know what happened on  December 7th?”.  He’s been pretty consistent with answering, “It is Pearl Harbor Day.” A few, especially older gentlemen, want to know if he knows what that means.  So – when I found out there was an interesting study on WW2, I was in.

I looked on the website, Box of I.D.E.A.S. and liked the idea of each of the 11 modules being in individual bags. Easy for on the go. The site also claims that it was their goal to get kids off of the screen time – and into learning time. Creative information, games, fact cards, notebooking sheets – every learning style is represented in this package. My goal – is that by December 7th of this year, Jon will have a really fun fact to share with his elders.

P1110701WW2 Pearl Harbor has 11 modules. Although you can do them in any order, we kept to the progression of the timeline.  For a basic study everything needed is in the module, a few extras like ruler or pencil might be needed. Each bag has a label on the front  that lets you know what is included and any item you might want to collect. The bags are large enough that if you were planning for  trip, you could stick those things in the bag.

I spent some time reading through several of the modules.  I was able to plan a field trip for a few of them. I spent some time in our Hawaii section and WW2 section of our local book store; with some book credits I’ve earned I was able to purchase a few books specific to their topics. You don’t need to, but I wanted to tie it in. I didn’t want to look at photos on the Internet – but rather in Books. Check out the Library to make it free.

We’ve used the Quotes on the outside of the bag as copywork for the 6th grader.  He is my verbal narrator. The 9th grader had enough to write down in the modules to share what he learned. In some of the modules there are Fact Cards to break down information as well.

Each module is a Springboard for more learning.  We were at a garage sale this weekend where a family had a large collection of pearl jewelry for sale.  Because of our study of the Pearl part of Pearl Harbor, we had a long conversation about the colors, sizes and types of pearls. The lady holding the sale asked how we knew this information – and we told her it was from our  History Lesson!  We’re planning a trip to the Whale Center in Depoe Bay and I have a few WW2 Vets lined up for interviews as well.  We have enjoyed the discussions, wondering and research and promise that you will as well.

P1110694In many of the modules they have collected the information and created card games. My boys Always Prefer a game to learn over reading to learn and understand information. In the game from one of the first modules, we had to play “Go Hunt” similar to Go Fish to match three cards together. The Animal, What they were hunted for, and the Country that they were found.  Geography, Science, History – all in one game.  That’s my idea of fun.  Both my 6th and 9th grade boys remain engaged and smiling during the game time, which, honestly, I didn’t think they would, since the games are paper and printed, great graphics, but simple.

The company says that the information would be great for a Homeschool Co Op with a bit of tweaking and adding activities.  I would say yes, for a small classroom. You might need to order it on a PDF for printouts if that is your desire. (PDF $49.99)

The last item in the box is a comprehensive Summary Test in an SAT/ACT practice style.  I will be excited to see how much the boys retain.  I plan on doing one module per week, we have a few weeks left, and hopefully,  Jon will have his favorite little known fact by his Birthday on December 7th.

See what my Crew Members are saying about the WW2 and Salt projects from Box of IDEAS.

Disclaimer – I received WW2 Pearl Harbor Physical Box ($79.00 value) for free in exchange for using it in my home and sharing our experience with you as a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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4 Responses to Box of IDEAS–World War Two Pearl Harbor

  1. Very neat. I went to the site and found that they also have an “eleven” box. It sounds right up my alley.

  2. Wendy R says:

    That’s interesting, Angie, about your son’s birthday, and his grandmother’s, being the same day. My son’s birthday is December 8, which is also hubby’s mother’s birthday! 😉 I think this was also one of the reasons I wanted to review this item….

  3. It is interesting that WW2 has different meanings from where you live geographically.Here in England we don’t make any reference to Dec’7th, instead we have ‘poppy day

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