Cleaning Routines

Last year we took weekly turns. One did Kitchen, one did Floors and Garbage. Switch on Monday Morning. However, it seemed that the garbage person could let his slide longer, floors were only done once a week, and the kitchen helper would get overwhelmed. Four people, most meals made from scratch + lots of kitchen projects = overwhelming.

So we broke it up. We now have time check ins based on hubby’s work routine. 10:30, 3:00, Before Bed. Three times to make sure your zones are 100% spiffy.

Routine number 1 – Kitchen, Kitchen, Garbage.
Routine number 2 – Floors, Floors, Kitchen.

On your kitchen check, all counters need to be cleared and sanitized. All dishes should be in the dishwasher or put away. Check to see if the dishwasher needs to be run or emptied. On Floors, a general walk through of the upstairs picking up dropped items, straighten shoes or wetsuits/lifejackets, sweep at least two areas, & straighten living room furniture. The garbage is to deal with recycle/cans/outside trash after dinner. I made a pretty little chart to keep track and remind the details.

The first day was hard, as we were really behind. But after the second day, the check in points were taking under 5 minutes. Before, the floors and counters would be at 100% clean once a day, seldom twice a day. Now, almost all day long the floors and counters are sparkly. We are all enjoying it. It has freed up my time to go tackle other projects, like the Game Cupboard and Bedroom Closets. I don’t have to wake up to reset the house each morning. No one feels like they have the ‘hard chore’ for the week. Having the boys remember, on their own, which tasks are theirs – oy. Still working on that one; for now we are writing something like Jon = KKG, Nate = FFK on the white board.

I asked on Facebook what routines were in place to help my friends. Some have several children that each take a chunk. Some set up huge systems that neither parent wants to hold to and the kids just do things as it piles up. Some moms do all of the work for the whole house. For the boys – they have seen from a young age – the less time I have to spend cleaning – the more time we get to spend making messes. Does that even make sense? It does for us. What do you do for your cleaning routines?

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