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    When I was younger, I would lay on the soft carpet in front of my mom’s stereo listening to Christian Radio stories.  Sure – I was mostly delaying Saturday Morning Chores, but I really enjoyed these stories.  Sugar Creek Gang reminds me of those times.  Dramatized stories from the adventures written by Paul Hutchens.

How we use it in our home/what we like about this curriculum:


Sugar Creek Gang Volume 1 arrived at our home in a beautiful soft case.  In this Homeschool World of Classical Education, Living Books and Biblical Character these stories fit the bill.  Our little secret? I adore reading. My Kindle is full, our shelves are full, books on every surface of the house – yet – I don’t like reading out loud. So – We have relied on books on tape since we found out the boys would like adventure stories with boys as the main characters.  Sugar Creek Gang fits this bill.

I have asked a few times this past month – Want to listen to a story?  Which Story, my son would ask, poking his head around the corner. He really enjoyed the story for their lack of He Said/She Said. He doesn’t like it when the notes are read. Paul did a great job with voices and just enough information to know who is talking, giving a description of the characters.

We followed a gang of boys on their adventures.  I liked the rich vocabulary of the boys.  Quoting scriptures, poems and hymns.  Walking through the outdoors naming flowers, trees and plants. The way the boys encourage each other while having a great time. We’ve listened to a couple of stories in the home on the stereo, and listened to two in the car on a trip.  We have not listened to The Winter Rescue or The Lost Campers yet. The stories on Volume 1 are:

  • The Swamp Robber
  • The Killer Bear
  • The Winter Rescue
  • The Lost Campers
  • Chicago Adventure
  • The Secret Hideout


Sugar Creek Gang is available at Beloved Books.

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In summary: We have enjoyed these stories.  Paul Ramseyer talks really quickly and the movies do not dawdle. A keen listening ear is needed. Younger kids may not be able to listen to the stories all the way through in one sitting. We enjoy the fast pace. The music is delightful and we recommend Beloved Books as a source for your audio CD’s.

Crew Reviews:  You may like to read the write up in the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.  Follow the linky to review how other homeschool families enjoyed these stories with younger and older children.

Disclaimer:  I received Volume 1, Sugar Creek Gang, for free, at my request in exchange for using it in my home and sharing the product and our experience on this blog as a part of my tour with the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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  1. godmadeknown says:

    If you like Girl of the Limberlost, have you also read Laddie by the same author? My boys have been all through the Jonathan Parks audio drama and are ready for something new. We’ll have to try Sugar Creek Gang or the G.A. Henty series. Thanks for the recommendations.

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