Are your Concerns Chimerical?


Were soaring now. In the Ninth Grade. Fully invested in this High School Journey. I have more resources and project ideas than we have time to explore. There continues to be more questions and interests than there are hours of the day.  Boredom is illusive. 

And yet – the questions come. Are we doing enough? Are we requiring enough depth? Are we missing building blocks? Is the education full?

While looking for a word to replace “doubt” I found Chimerical. They synonyms include: absurd, delusive, fanciful, fantastic, fictional, imaginary, mythical, unfounded, unreal, utopian,visionary, and wild.  The Definition? Fabulous.

What a strange batch of words. It got me to thinking – of the occupation of over thinking – by moms who have their kids learning at home. Is it your fantastic imagination that allows you to dream up the what if’s? Are these worries unfounded, absurd, or delusive? Even if they are fantastic, fanciful, visionary and wild – are they helping? How much energy are we expending while trying to be fabulous when all we are really doing – is Doubting.

We received a Biology DVD to review this past month – a High School Course – and it felt as if it were not enough. As I looked into it – (I’ll explain more with the review) – I found that as a stand alone – it is enough – but you may add much more for accreditation if required by your state. (Need to show hours of study).  Are we doing enough for Biology? For science? I’ve posted on forum boards, wrung my hands, poured over teacher’s manuals, questioned on the ever knowing Facebook Newsfeed.

And then, we were invited to a reception dinner for a friend who just received her Masters in Biology this week. Her thesis?  Fish Embryos and the effects of the levels of oxygen while forming  – and recording the DNA changes – depending on the levels of oxygen.  Strangely enough, we had just questioned this theory when looking at salmon eggs in the river and at a hatchery. One of the questions that came up in discussion in the past year when we visited as well. Not the depth of her research – but the idea of the oxygen and the embryo. The boys were able to talk to her of all things biology and science related and she was excited about our passion – and offered to bring the boys to Portland State University to visit the labs and professors there. It filled my heart with joy to hear her be excited over our tools and projects and resources. 

This same scenario has played out in a few other areas of our schooling as well this year. When I am “wondering how to make our learning more fabulous” and we meet a new mentor, receive a great opportunity, or feel validated in our progress – I realize – what we’ve really been doing – is doubting our efforts.

Intentional – Passionate – all of these years of building – time spent researching – filling our home to be a mega learning center – is paying off.



Salmon Eggs not quite ready for spawning – Nathan pulling out the telescope to check out an object he could not identify – a large collection found at the library of Classic Literature in Graphic Form – Moon Jelly Fish Polyps – Explaining answers to questions from the Volunteers at the Aquarium from their observations at the Tide Pools.

We have a few new adventures set up by a few new mentors in our lives – I’m sure I’ll be sharing as the months roll by.  Keep your eyes open – your path straight – your fear low – your passion high – and your feet ready!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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1 Response to Are your Concerns Chimerical?

  1. Sarah says:

    Fabulous! I am certainly in the dreamer category and have learned the same truth and had similar experiences. You explained it well. We don’t live in Oregon but visit each summer to visit my folks. We come to the coast every summer, you are blessed to have such a wonderfully beautiful and science rich community to be in. Enjoy it!

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