Summer Bonfire in February?



While we were busy in Santa Cruz, and Nate was busy at Younglife Winter Camp – He turned 15.  It was the first year we were not together on his birthday. We celebrated over the phone and had a birthday breakfast the day after we all got home.  It all felt a little undone for a celebration. Nate came up with the idea of having a Beach Bonfire Bash.

Checking the weather – he came up with Friday as the best day for little chance of rain. Trouble was – it was also the town’sFinal Basketball Game Night.  Which we didn’t realize until Thursdayish. But we went ahead – Sun Triumphs Basketball!


We still had a great turnout.  There was a lot of Frisbee, Football, Capture the Trident, Sardines and all around shenanigans.


Nate put it out to the Facebook World that the Bonfire was open to anyone. Quite a few of his adult friends stopped by. Acted like kids, and then went on with their evening. Jon entertains them by the fire. Surf. swell. Board. Paddle. Wave. Drop in. Kick. Roll, Duck dive.  Pretty much encompasses his entire vocabulary right now. Good thing those are his head surf coaches great family friends!


Nate shows Fox Jaxon Designs his new sword. He likes the sword but not the sheath. Fox Jaxon I going to hook him up with a custom job for his birthday. He makes some incredible items.  I think they are working a deal on a few clothing pieces as well. Cool.






The sunset was pretty amazing.  It’s Valentine’s weekend and the beach is full of couples and families sharin’ the love. Lincoln City put out a few hundred floats this past week/weekend so the beach has quite a few on it. We saw so many people at the sunset with floats. Magical night!


A few more families stopped by, kids went to the basket ball game and home, but a few of us stayed til the late hour unexpectedly as we all settled around the fire with the music and mallows. Each one telling stories. Stars in the clear sky. The Ocean crashing at the mouth of the river, the beach void of people save for a few bonfires like torches spotting the river banks. It was my favorite time of the evening. One that wasn’t planned nor could have been scripted.  Awesome.




Happy Birthday to my baby.  No more going to camp if you’re going to come home an entire year older! Thanks to you-  my readers for following our adventures together. Wish y’all all could have been at the fire with us!

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  1. Happy Birthday Nate! Ben’s time is coming soon. I can’t believe we are at 15 for these boys!

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