Squalls on the Lake

2:30 in the morning. I woke from a dream where I was in the middle of what felt like a chaotic tornado. Items were swirling, knocking on the house. I ran out side to see what was going on and I found the SUP Board in two pieces and debris flying all around.

When I opened my eyes, my heart was racing, and the noise from a squall hitting the house made me panic. I couldn’t get the image of the SUP out of my mind, so I went to look out the window.  The canoe, which was stowed on the dock, was missing.  Dread. Fear. 

So I did what any rational person does at 2:30 in the morning. I went downstairs in my jammies in 60 mph gusty winds and brought the 11’ 6” board up the stairs and into the dining room.  Then I said a prayer for my lil red rocket and went back to sleep.


This morning at 7:30 – I braved opening the blinds to peek and – JOY – There it was. Full of water, but on the shore. Not sure how that happened. I put on a rain coat and some knee boots, grabbed my stock pot, and went out for a rescue.


Quite a few bails of water later – and quite a bit of sludgy mud material removal– and the lil red rocket is good as new. How it got from the dock, to the shore, up right, yet full of mud and water – I’ll never guess.


We are looking or a safe way to store Rusty outside. You can see it just doesn’t work to keep him inside. I’d like to sleep through storms without worrying.  Glad it all worked out. We have not had a storm here since before Christmas. It’s been an insanely mild winter!

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1 Response to Squalls on the Lake

  1. Well – you said a prayer right?
    During one of our hurricanes, the water was so high that our floating dock had floated free from all the poles but one. It had pivoted on that one pole away from the shore and was headed down the river. We were on the back end of the storm so the wind was coming from the northeast and the tide was set to go out soon – a good thing – but taking our dock with it. We were very sad, but mostly concerned about it damaging another family’s property as it went. We prayed, and went to bed, knowing only God could do anything about it – we were powerless.
    The next morning we woke up to sunny skies and the dock neatly placed within the four poles, perpendicular to the bulkhead, the walkway perfectly positioned.
    We were absolutely amazed. And grateful – to Him – the Only One who could’ve done it.

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