Splashes of Color on Devils Lake


I’ve enjoyed watching the color pop on the lake this spring. The bushes full of vibrant colors, deep dark green lawns, skunk cabbage, lilies floating to the surface.  As the days get longer, and the water gets warmer, a different type of color shows up too. Evidence of the owners coming for weekend visits.





My favorite quick route is set by these buoys in the water. Three of them map out a 2 mile course.  I’ve been paddling closer to the shore to widen the path a bit. I love looking at all of the homes and camp grounds.




The photo below is of the home that offers Younglife kids a place to hang on Mondays and Wednesdays. A good reminder to pray for the kids as I pass by both on the road and by paddle.


Love this boat house. In the summer it is all lit up, party on top and on the docks. Love the wake boards peeking out the window this winter.


Back home, my favorite coffee spot!  I found a non slip coffee cup for my SUP. It doesn’t slip, unless I whack it with my paddle. Which I did, knocking it into the water. I reached way far out and caught it with my paddle shifted the board and slid it back on. After I had it safe and turned right side up, I realized what I had just done on the board without falling off!! So stinkin excited. But I didn’t have a wetsuit on so I didn’t literally jump up and down too much.



Secondary reason for sharing my SUP photos with you – this is the new hard drive on the old laptop. Photos are being stored online, and I had a hard time getting Windows Live Writer to load properly, ‘see’ my blog and post photos. Hoping this works this time!!! If you see this in your reader – know that Angie is a Very Very happy girl right now.

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2 Responses to Splashes of Color on Devils Lake

  1. Your images are awesome…makes me want to jump in the car and drive up to visit. We are so anxious to go to Oregon again.

  2. Looks like fun! We are hoping to get out for a paddle tomorrow if the weather holds for us. I am very impressed with your coffee skills. 🙂

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