For the Love of Christian Homemaking–A Review

P1080392I’d really like to just have a chat with you, as Mrs. White would with me. What follows is from my heart, no guidelines from the publisher, no rules to follow or lists to check for the review. Just you, me, and the FDIC.
I received a copy of For the Love of Christian Homemaking for free in exchange for a review
and the new FDIC law would like me to state that up front.  With that said . . . Welcome to my parlour.

My relationship with Mrs. White started in 2009? 2010? when I started as a small blog reviewer for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  At the time I think I had 6 or 7 people who read my blog, maybe 2 that were not family.  I shared what I saw and experienced, but most of it was written to my dad and my hubby’s mama. Mrs. White was given to me by The Crew as my mentor. I can’t tell you how much of a Divine Appointment that was.

I would post my review, then ask her to read it. She’d gently guide me into changes or encouragement to let it alone.  As she started reading my blog, I read hers as well.

We had just moved to this tiny town from a larger city full of activity and Going. Always Going.  All of a sudden, I felt stuck at home, and quite alone. Mrs. White’s writing was soothing salve to my hurting heart.  She talked of loving to take care of her home. Of relishing the quiet hours of the morning for rest and reflection and planning for the day. She would write about common housework like she was preparing for the most precious holiday or for a State Dinner. It was so calming; it brought validation of the importance of my role inside these four walls.

Years later, she has compiled 160 of these entries into a published book. It is on Amazon, B&N and many other spots I searched it for. Just Google “For the Love of Christian Homemaking” and you too might be surprised how many placed you can pick up a copy.

She asked me to read the book, and share it with you – so that is where we are today.

I know that Mrs. White has a love of her husband and children and now grandchildren, however, her greatest simple sweetest love is of the Lord and the Word.  I’m not quite sure how to describe it, without taking away from the time she would want to you spend in scripture and prayer – but I think that this would be a perfect resting quiet time book. Almost like a devotional for mothers in the home. Each entry can stand alone, is just a couple of pages long and will bring encouragement.

When I first started embracing my new time in the home, I would read things like:

“This mother will find great peace and contentment in serving her family. Notice, she is not the slave. She is not the doormat. She is greatly esteemed, respected and dearly loved. She is NEEDED an wanted. Her children and husband seek her out for help, comfort, and her presence because they know they are her entire world. They are her hobby, her project, her joy. #135, The Mother who isn’t Busy, 8/25/2012, Pg 28

Most of my frustration, I discovered, is when I tried to have hobbies outside of the home. I’d get frustrated when the boys hindered those activities. Many of them great Christian Servant activities. I found as I changed my perspective and daily priorities, and shifted that hubby and the boys were my ‘hobby, project and joy’, that they treated me so much better, and all of our days were better. It actually opened up more time for outside interests, when my main priority was my home.  Anything that took me from my original job and duty to the Lord as homemaker, was turned down.  We still volunteer A LOT around town and for the church, but our intent has shifted.

I know this is getting long, and could be several posts, but I wanted to share one more passage.  The Pleasant Task of Cleaning, page 41, #142 5/31/2012 – In four short paragraphs, Mrs. White begins with a sigh when walking into a messy room, then talks wanting a quiet and order in her home. She walks us through her tasks, and the rooms are now lovely. Even when the family enters and does not mention the creativity and order, they do smile when they enter. “They are content and at peace, because that is the environment I strive to keep for them. Everything is right with the world, when Mother’s home is pleasant and tidy.” And it makes me want to do a walk through of the home to fluff a pillow, wipe a mirror, and tuck in the chairs.

Without reading her words for yourself, it is hard to describe the voice that comes through, pleasant, calming, real, transparent. One day her daughter talked of ‘finally taking down the tape from the streamers from the last family party’.  I giggled, looking up, and saw tape at my own door frame nearest to our dining room.  Now, not a gathering goes by, that I don’t think of dear Amy and Mrs. White and joyfully tug that last bit of tape down.

My hope for each of my friends who are keepers of their home, is that they will find a copy of this book, and enjoy reading it during their rest time. That it will bring them comfort and encouragement. That they will, like I did, find the joy of keeping a home and feel valued for their part in it. Peace to you sister friends!


FDIC Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review of her book.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for posting this! Homemaking and mothering are my passion as well, and I love it when someone affirms that desire. The truth is, instead of affirmation, I can often hear a guilty voice inside my head saying “Don’t you think you ought to be doing more than staying home, keeping house, feeding, clothing, and educating your children? Don’t you think you ought to be out ‘there’ doing something more worthwhile?” I’m going to have to get this book!! Thanks again!

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