Interested in Notebooking? May is the Month to Join In!

(Opening Disclaimer – This is my own testimony – I am sharing on my own, not a review or a sales ad, I just want to share this amazing once a year sale with you – however, the links at the bottom will enter me into a prize pool.)

I first looked into  NotebookingPages.Com when we started our Bird studies. I found out that they had a package for North American Birds.  With the joy of how easy those pages were to use, I purchased the Presidents package next. 

What makes Notebooking Pages better than your blank journal notebook?

  • Switching from a Worksheet based learning to Notebooking?  These pre-created pages with beautiful images will help your student transition. Pages come with pictures, lines, and blocks to fill in what they have learned. It gives the structure for your student to know how much is ‘enough’ to write or draw. Giving a child used to worksheets a blank paper and asking them to ‘narrate what they learned’ is a bit overwhelming for most.
  • Starting a new theme or era?  Having a Noteboking Page printed out and handy will give a frame for your narrators to build upon.  I have one son who will fill out every section of the entire page.  I have another who prefers to use the blank page as a guide as he uses his blank journal page. I  prefer to use the NotebookingPages.Com page myself.
  • Need to work or volunteer outside of the home while the children work? You could have their reading assignments given and then have the sheets printed out.  This way they will know what to write. You could even print in a few key questions for them or jot down a few vocabulary words for them to look up.

What I am excited about today – is that this is the first day of their Sale-A-Bration.  They hold the BIG SALE once per year.  Once the birthday is finished, it will be another year before the big discounts come back. It was during their birthday celebration a few years ago that I purchased a yearly membership.  After renewing it twice, I was given the Lifetime Membership when the structure changed.

I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that we have access to the hundreds, if not thousands of pages at a moments notice. We used quite a few for our Ancients Study, for our Middle Ages study and for our Composers and Artists Studies.

I know you are busy – so I’ll share what I know, click over to their site – or shoot me a comment or email if you have a question.  I do have an affiliate with, they track who clicks over from my links and what you purchase. It helps me – This month there are very cool prizes!  However, I’d share the sale with you either way-  even without the links – as this sale has blessed our home each year!

Here are a couple of things just for my readers: 7th Birthday Sale-a-Bration Event Become a Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Member during their 7th Birthday Sale-a-Bration Event:

  • Save $25 on your membership
  • Receive access to 150+ current notebooking products
  • Receive ALL future notebooking products
  • Receive up to two years FREE access to their notebooking (& copywork) web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™
  • Receive a $100 e-gift Bonus Bundle from various homeschool publishers
  • Earn a chance to win some great prizes … an iPad mini, $100 gift card, LIFETIME access to The Notebooking Publisher™, and a LIFETIME membership to

Visit to learn more about their memberships
and their new web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™  

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