Be Inspired, Anywhere.


Set off this morning, Singing “Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight, Flooding my soul with glory divine: Hallelujah, I am rejoicing, Singing His praises, Jesus is mine.” Inspired by a friend on line, Hodgepodge Mom.


We live on the east side of Devil’s Lake.  It takes  bit longer for the sun crest the hill to our east, and then all of the Sitka Spruce Trees lining the lake.  I have to push out a bit to get into the Sunshine.


I was halfway across the lake when I remembered that my new waterproof bible was still sitting on our deck.  Mandisa helped me cross the lake and back quickly, then I ran up the stairs, refilled my coffee mug and grabbed the new Bible.



Laid down on my tummy and read Psalm 5, Proverbs 5, and Matthew 18.


I won this little volume from Bardin Marsee through Mosaic Reviews .  I read so many great reviews – those kids really drug these Bibles through the mud. Literally.  I went to our local book store, almost bought it 3 times, but it just wasn’t in our budget right now. I as excited when I got the email that I won! I requested the blue wave, even though I liked the Pink Floral one. The boys and I are going to share this one.  With surfing, bonfires, stand up paddling, canoeing and fishing – it is going to be nice to have a Bible that was designed to go with us.


I encourage you to go over to Bardin & Marsee’s Website, read their story, and see how you can get involved with their mission.  You too, may Be Inspired. Anywhere!

(This is just my overwhelming joy for a Waterproof Bible and sharing my morning paddle with you. I would have written the same thing had I purchased one next month. I received this free from Mosaics Reviews – with no strings attached. I am not an affiliate of any of the links above. I just LOVE IT.)

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  1. Tricia says:

    Love absolutely everything about this Angie!! What a fabulous place of worship you had amongst the heavenly sunlight! Thanks for sharing all these resources – perfect place for your waterproof Bible to be.

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