The Finishline of Busy!



You may not be able to figure this out from my posts – so I’ll just lay it out there – I am a homebody. I love being home. Slow mornings, meal planning, time for reading, lil projects, company, yard work – I just love being in my home. 

Yet, since about January we’ve had an appointment in town once a day and starting in March – we have had 1-3 appointments in town every day, 7 days a week.  And Saturday – Marked the END!!!! It has been worth it, Baseball, Theater, Surfing, and misc volunteer work around town.

Our time at home is focused on the necessities of housework and homeschool.  The last couple of days I have been fortunate enough to have cleaning loving friends over and we have been overhauling the house. Top to bottom. Scrubbing, decluttering, sweeping the lost spots, washing the windows, attacking the spider’s domains – it has been GLORIOUS!!!! This morning – Monday – I am just so glad for a Homeschooler’s Monday – when you get to stay home and focus on the family.



Surfer’s Floors – and living on the lake.


Indoor Kite Flying Clinic the last two Fridays – Volunteer to help set up and work at the kite making booth.




Surf club is in full swing. Now we will be able to set this as our top priority to help volunteer.  We were out on Friday while the Kite Festival was warming up. Beautiful day to be out in the water.



Saturday – by far – has been the most beautiful perfect day on the Oregon Coast. Warm water, warm air, very low wind. Not the best for a great Kite Festival – but great for surfers. I was volunteering at the Kite Making Booth and could watch our Club practice through this arch. Pretty cool. Lil black specks out there are our club.





This is the lens I need!!!!



Torture watching the perfect sets of waves – lanes – oh. It was the hardest volunteer commitment of the summer so far – making kites on a windless day while the waves were warm, glassy and perfect.



Running of the bols.


Teddy Bear Drop from parachutes didn’t happen due to the lack of wind – so we tossed them out for the kids to catch.  75 kids got to take home a stuffed animal for free. Fun times!


Our lil kite booth – we did over 200 kites from 10 til 2.


Kid’s Parade is still my favorite part of the day – the little white flags are the ones the kids made in our booth.


After Baseball, Theater and Kite Festival – it was time to get going on those neglected spots – Here are some before and after of the Learning Resources Room.









I even had some time to work on a project from Harmony Art Mom!


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