July Heat Activities


July brings two unpleasant weather patterns.  Advection Fog and Convection Wind. It also brought a 24 hour 3 day cramping stomach bug and a 6 day cold. Joy.

Advection fog is created when the HOT air from the valley travels west and hits the COLD water in the Pacific Ocean. Fog sits right off shore moving east and west, hovering over the shore line. 

Convection Wind is the crazy tunnel of wind that travels north and south inbetween the hot and cold air, along the beach / shore line from the cold air up north to the hot air down south, back and forth. It rips the sand around and makes for crazy unpredictable waves.


Unless you live in a place with a large rock wall, then you can surf the small waves in a sheltered cove.



Nate has been working on getting his skill and muscle back to be a great surfer again.  I’ve been working on it myself, I’ve gotten up a couple of times, but REALLY prefer the Stand Up Paddle and a 44 inch boogie board. I really enjoy walking up and down the beach capturing photos!


We are just far enough east, on the east side of the lake, to enjoy HOT weather and really warm water. Evenings are spent SUP’n and swimming and practicing prone paddle on the surf boards.



Fyi – That’s Nate’s friend, not Jonee.


I have been enjoying the Summer Art Series at Harmony Fine Arts, however, my waterlogged boys have not been into painting this summer. Sigh. So – I had to kidnap a young kindergarten graduate, and also bring supplies to a family of little kiddos to play with.


The boys are done with baseball. Nate is working pretty much full time for a few different companies in town. He got to go to YoungLife camp. He is waiting for the local pool to give Lifeguard Training to be a lifeguard at the pool. It keeps getting put off. He’s thought about Subway and Papa Murphy’s for some consistent work. I keep trying to tell him that his job is to be a kid right now, but ya gotta love a guy who knows he needs to earn money to do what he wants to do.


So if you stop by, and our car is in the driveway but no one answers, check the SUP board, canoe or kayaks and see if we are out on the dock. Otherwise, it’s long afternoon book reading and naps!

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