July Wind Reduces Surf Times

The north wind rips through the central Oregon coast line in July.  Trying to find a time to hit the water when the currents are not dragging you down the beach quicker than you can paddle out is a challenge.  Bringing in water temps of 47, colder than we’ve ever surfed so far – it takes a dedicated hyper addicted surfer to carve an hour out.

This morning we headed down the coast about a half hour to a favorite spot. Blocked by the North Wind, but only if you want to surf the tiny surf. Catch 22. Little wind  – little surf.


Welcome to Lake Otter


While other moms are storing boots and gloves, we keep ours in the car still. Booties, gloves, hoodies and two different wetsuits for warmer/colder conditions. Do you have any idea what booties smell like? Sigh. That’s what my car smells like. Blech. Funny – we were watching a fabreeze commercial and Jon says – We should get some of that for our car, and then prove it doesn’t work, and then sue them – and use the money for new booties. I’m thinking – how about spending your time rinsing the booties, and buying wetsuit soap/conditioner?


Serious about Skin Care. tired of having burned cheeks all the time.




I call these the stairs of doom. I’m already down a flight or so. P1100035

Nate doing his stretches. Below – Nate and Jon praying the swells pick up.





Whale – See him in front of the boat? The surface so quickly – I have a few ‘spray’ photos but it is hard to describe. I have 2-3 of his back like this.


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