First Day of School, Not your Typical Back to School Photos

Photo: First Essay Writing ClassWe had a good start.  First thing Monday Morning Nate had a live video class with around 8 other teens and a live teacher. They could all communicate with head phones/mics/video. He is taking a High School Essay course.

Then off to Geometry.  VideoText Interactive Online Geometry.  Video was great, lessons were simple enough. 

Time to switch to Zeta at Math U See. Jon liked the video and said the homework was simple.  Whew.  Practicing Spanish from Flip Flop Spanish.  A lesson in Because You Are Strong by Doorposts for Boys. And then it was 2:30 so we called it a day.

Photo: Math-U-See - Zeta for Jon,  the 101 series - Chemistry for Nate and Doorposts - Stronger for both on the ready this morning.

Nate and I ran to town at noon for him to finish his interview process with the city. Background checks and all.  He needs an ‘official’ photo ID before he can start work. He’s getting hired on as a lifeguard at our local pool.

The Fed Ex guy came early in the morning – to deliver our Chess House set. It is Amazing! The boys took it to the park today “So that we can look like old guys in the park playing chess, and be cool.”  Their description.

Tomorrow is Art and Composer Day our favorite. Nate is using the 10th grade and Jon is using the 7th for Harmony Fine Arts. The bonus part is that they are on the same time period. Awesome. 

Friday is Science Day – we might move it to Thursday – We’ll be going through Creek Edge Press Chemistry Task Cards for Jon and The 101 Series Chemistry DVD for Nate.

Our history is starting slowly with a read aloud of Jim Elliot that also has a unit study. We’ll keep you posted – geography and some netflix movies will be covered too.

I asked the boys if they wanted to take “First Day of School” photos on Monday and they both grunted. So – Here ya go.  We went outside to clean up the yard toys a abit and Jon was playing with the hose. It’s been in the 80’s here – crazy.

Here are our Back To School Photos taken Monday: 

7th Grade – Jon:


10th Grade: Nate


11thish year intentionally home schooling mom Angie


Here’s the photo sessions to pick this year’s photo.











Jon calls this – Practicing the Barrel.  I think he is going to miss free all day surfing days.


He made a pool out of the inflatable kayak. Then practiced his jumps and rolls.



I heard the word “Ow” a lot.

I was so hot, I had to join in on the fun.



Here are Nate’s Back to School Photos:




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