Winter Jumps in line before Fall

The Pacific Northwest has been hit by a typhoon out of Japan. Picking up speed as it made the top of the loop across.  It meant that we’ve been inside all week and many places have received over 10 inches of rain.


And how much fun is rain when the lake is still warm and you’re bored out of your brains from being inside?


Woke up this morning to find the water up to the dock of the lake. That’s a lot of rainfall in the hills dumping into the lake friends!


Huh. Yard, plants and temperature still say fall. Weather says winter storms.


Went to go look at ‘the reef’ this morning, see if it was hitting the expected 30+ feet wave. It was pretty mushy. Huge powerful ocean with lots of foam.


Getting a good look at the reef.


We found a cozy spot to do our Math U See.



Not a good day to walk on the beach. The tide goes out – but be careful –


Every few minutes it comes up past the seawall! – and back out.


Started raining so we did some work in the car.


Jon was moving quickly through is decimal homework and was being silly with an ‘I don’t understand” answer.  So we flipped up the question. OK. So. You check your watch after you paddle to the outside and see that you have 15 seconds left in your heat. You catch an amazing wave and ride it far down the line. When you start to paddle back out you have 4 seconds left in your heat. How long were you riding the wave?  11 seconds. Good boy.



Seagulls are taking over the parking lot at the D River State Park. They  had it closed off due to hazardous conditions.


Back home for some worth with Andrew. It’s our last week of using the video – it’s up to me from now on. I think Jon and I are ready to go solo. Teachign Writing  Structure and Style equips me well.  SWI B is so easy to follow and has all of the helps. We’ll do fine.


Jon wanted to practice prone paddling in the lake, so I put on my wetsuit to follow him. He made it back from the other side of the lake before I could get my board in.  It was a really fun SUP day!

Chemistry, Geometry, Music, Artists, Zeta (Decimal) math, and Essay Writing are still in full force at Petra School!

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1 Response to Winter Jumps in line before Fall

  1. taunyasplace says:

    Wait! The seagulls took over the parking lot and I wasn’t there to shoot them? I am a sad girl. 🙂

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