Building Blocks of Chemistry

We have been working through the Chemistry and Physics with Apologia’s Young Explorer Series. We’ve slowly made it to Chapter 4.  I’ve learned a bit more about the program, as each chapter unfolds.

We had troubles with the vocabulary in the first couple of chapters. Not that it was hard, but we’d get to the crossword puzzle to discover that the young student had not picked up on the vocabulary definitions from reading the text. The third chapter we stopped at each bold vocab word, then at the end of the chapter he created a wheel with the definitions.


The little extra books are at the back of the Notebooking Journal.  So this week, on Chapter 4, we started with the flip book before reading. Each time he gets to a vocabulary word, we’ll pause for him to write it out. I’ll let you know if this helps retention later.

We read until the first experiment, which I assumed he would enjoy.


Water and yeast mixed with dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.


She said to put on goggles and gloves.




Fun. We’ll learn why this happened in about 10 more pages, it made for a good stopping point today. Jon’s reaction? Yeah – now I have more dishes!  Ya can’t win them all.

(I no longer owe any reviews for this product, from here on out,
I’m just sharing our goofy chemistry times with you for fun.)

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