Hummus or Houmous?

Lebanese – It is like a Hoe-mose. With a bit of throat scratchy on the H. Homose. I looked it up and it is spelled Houmous, different than the Greek Hummus. Either way – it is Fantastic! We’ve been buying it on sale when we can, and the tiny container gets demolished instantly. A friend found out and arranged a Houmous class for us!


Her hubby went to a market in PTown, Portland, and found the best Tahini I’ve ever had. Creamy, runny – like honey – flavor  – so fresh. She brought a small glass bottle to us. Along with two cans of Garbanzo Beans. I added Lemon, Sea Salt and Garlic.


The secret, was to use a bit of the water from one of the cans of beans. And 3 hearty pinches of salt. Not just a pinch, but more like 4 fingers in the salt container. A couple of table spoons of Lemon. Fresh lemon would have been better. She poured the Tahini in, it poured like honey. Start with a bit, then keep adding a bit more. A couple of tablespoons? You can tell by the end photo that we might have used an 1/8th to a half of a cup.


Jon has never tried a home made hummus that he liked before. This? This Hoummous? It is Fantastic!!!!


We ended up with a quart of hoummous at the end. We added quite a bit of garlic and lemon juice. At the end, I mentioned Olive Oil, and she realized we forgot that step. So I added a couple of tablespoons. If I had fresh lemon it would be better. I packed a plastic container for our lunch in town and it was licked clean. I just had a plate tonight – and licked my plate. . . .  Wonder how much of this stuff is good for you?? Mmmmmm. 

I don’t really have a recipe. Sorry. But the best Tahini you can find, with two cans of garbanzo beans, the juice of 1-2 lemons, a few cloves of garlic, quite a bit of salt, and a tablespoon of olive oil. It is sort of a blend and taste and see type of thing. We might be needing to buy beans by the case now.

Oh – and for lunch? We sliced up some fresh celery, matched with some salami and cut cheese, a small container of Mustard with White Wine (that’s White Wine in the mustard, not with the mustard in a glass), and the Hoummous. Delightful.

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2 Responses to Hummus or Houmous?

  1. amyfarhat says:

    Reblogged this on Simple Living by the Seashore! and commented:
    One of the many blessings of being married to a man who is Lebanese is the gift of learning how to cook and ENJOY Lebanese food. HOUMOUS is a staple in our household and it really is quite easy to make. I can’t emphasize enough however the need for FRESH LEMON and FRESH GARLIC!

    So gather your friends, grab some pita, baked blue corn chips or any other dipping device you choose to scoop this deliciousness into your mouth and have your own HOUMOUS HAPPY HOUR!!

  2. That looks and sounds delicious!!

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