TowSurfer Training


We are studying Tidepools and Oceans right now. One of our goals is to be able to teach the Ocean Education Clinics for the Tigersharks Surf Club this spring and summer. I also want Jon touched up on his tide pool identification so that we can call creatures and plants by name.  We’ve had a fun and much needed break from Chemistry.


Spring is strange in the Pacific Northwest. Mornings can be glassy. Afternoons breezy. Sunny and brisk.


Last year Jon got thrown from the ski. His shoulder hit the sled. The guys driving didn’t feel him fall off and it took a while for them to notice. It spooked him up quite a bit and he hasn’t wanted to touch one since.


This isn’t a big deal – but it isn’t good either. The Ski should give a feeling of safety, water rescue, and a way to get to surf spots away from the shore. It also represents a lot of fun on the lake. Jon decided to face his fear, even more excited after the Big Wave World Tour. He mentioned to his surf coach that he was ready to start train.

The very next week the coach called to take him out. The face he is making above? That’s his I don’t want to do it face. The one I get just before surf competitions. When life gets sketchy – this is his face.

His coach was brilliant. He started Jon out with driving the ski. Lessons on how to control it. How the ski felt, how it reacted to him. After about an hour Jon worked up to pulling someone.



Then it was time for some fun.


Fun mixed with more lake drills. I am confident after today that Jon is no longer afraid of the ski. Which is a good thing – especially when you are friends with all of the tow surfers.


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