Bullet Journal


I’ve moved over to Bullet Journal land. You can do a search on Bullet Journals to learn all about them. Basically, you have a plain journal, lined, graph, blank – and start filling it in – bullet style.

You’ll need to have calendars to plan ahead. I was tying to figure it out, so I used several notebooks this week to try out. The above one was a linen small book. The one below my favorite spiral prayer book.


I wanted to see if I’d like the graph, so I tried my son’s math notebook.


It was too big – for one, and the blue graphs lines were too thick. Even knowing these two things, I decided I didn’t like the graph as much as I thought I would.


I landed on a Moleskin imitation for less than 8 dollars.



I printed out Bullet Journal inserts for the calendar.


I didn’t take photos of my pages, I’ll share more with you this week.


Do you bullet journal? Have you heard of it? I got stuck in Calendar Limbo not buying a January one, and not having a new one til August, but needing to plan quite a bit this summer. . . . . .


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2 Responses to Bullet Journal

  1. The Garners says:

    I love learning about planning techniques that use your own brain, handwriting and paper!

  2. Julieanne says:

    I would have loved this before I discovered Cozi calendar system. I finally took the plunge and went digital with our calendar. It has been such a blessing! My husband can check it online from his work computer, or on his smartphone. My girls can check it on their iPod Touches, and I can check it and update it on my home computer or my Kindle Fire. It has been so incredibly helpful and amazingly easy to use. I still haven’t used all of its features yet, including the journaling part or the grocery list part, or a few other things, but it is amazing. Even the free version is excellent!

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