Working Moms


This summer I picked up a few jobs around town to help make ends meet while hubby has been home. I’ve found that I really enjoy it. The Lord has brought me opportunities that have been a perfect match. 

My first job is a cleaning job at a cute little 5 unit building. It has 4 rented out and 1 for the owners. They are really fun people. I love getting the little suites all ready for the next guests. One of the best parts is the view of our surfing spot. I can watch the swells, waves, surfers, and whales.  The lil green subaru there is ours. Jon and his friends go out surfing while I work. If I have to be at the spot for hours, might as well make some burrito money, right?


Picked up another job for a writer in town. He sells books on line, mostly through Amazon and to Colleges. I get the order, pack up the books, ship them out. Easy peasy. Within 24 hours, but any time during the day before the next mail run. It is close to home, and simple work. Pays well. More Burrito Money. Not sure if you know how many burritos a 13 year old hungry surfer boy can eat in a day.

My youngest son has taken to lawn mowing for his summer money. Paid his own way to a camp this year, plus spending money. He’s also helping folks with their garbage cans on truck day.  He likes the freedom of having cash in his pocket.

My oldest son is working this summer at the community center in town. He is switched to afternoon and evening shifts for the summer. He’s been volunteering at a camp since the end of May and just got home this week. Man I missed that boy! But – now he’s at work, at the beach, up the river, at a bonfire. At least he comes home for food!

It’s hard to find jobs that are flexible to being a mom, much less to being a homeschool mom of such active boys. Now that my oldest is driving it helps take a load off of where I need to be. Once the school year starts, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to work. I’m assuming that the cleaning job will slow down.  I’ve considered going back to work in my professional industry – but I really REALLY enjoy the stress free simplicity of these jobs.

Do you work from home? Do you work outside of the home? I am thankful for my home job of being a Reviewer. It has been a wonderful way to earn the curriculum we need.  If you are looking to work, but are fearful of if it will take you away from the home too much, I’d say pray about it, and be open to what comes your way.

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