The Search for Thor’s Well



On the way down the coast for a trip, Nathan says he really wants to find Thor’s Well. He’s heard about it online. It is supposed to be hard to find, and a hole near the edge of the ocean. After a bit of research, and looking for clues while going south, we think we know where to look on the way home.

The hole above, the round pool of white water – is where we think it is.


This is a shot from above of when the well is empty. It fills and empties with the waves. Fill, fill fill, – flush.




But we thought there was supposed to be more of a spouting action, so we drive a half mile up the coast to a visitor center to ask there.

She says – (in a twisted annoyed tired of being asked face and voice) – “Some Stupid Blogger wrote a post and called it Thor’s Well and now everyone is trying to find it. We call it the Toilet Bowl. Cause it flushes. It’s a 1/4 mile back there by the bridge and the spouts.” Thank you kind lady.


There are two famous spouts along this stretch, one here and one in Depoe Bay. So we go back to the spout closest to Cape Perpetua.


The boys ran down to the Toilet Bowl and got as close as they dared.




In this shot, Nate is looking down into the Thor’s Well. I was too chicken to get any closer.


This was about as splashy as it got on an August Day.


So we traveled north – shore birds.


Into the Sunset.


The next weekend I took a trip with a friend and we stopped since it was low tide.


It sure made a difference at low tide, You could stand at the lip (or is that toilet seat) and look in to watch it fill, fill, fill, flush.


Right at the base of Cape Perpetua.



Can you see the empty whole there? Thor’s Well, or the local’s Toilet Bowel. Amazing to find these little details of our Oregon Coast.

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