Workboxes for High School


So – How do we organize all of the piles of resources? Have you heard of the Workbox System? For youngers, it usually looks like a fun set of drawers from your favorite organizational store. They can be seriously elaborate – or simple. They can only include one day’s supplies or one week’s. If you ever want to be overwhelmed Pinterest search Workboxes – and then go sit in a corner with a glass of wine and a piece of Chocolate and tell yourself you’re doing a good enough job. Winking smile


We use an older child approach – with file boxes. I would like to switch all three to Milk Crates as I like them better. I put in hanging file folders, one for each topic, and then a few extra. We print a lot of PDF’s and this keeps them in a clean handy location. I use the Student Logbook, SchoolhouseTeachers.Com Planners, Homeschool Tracker Plus and the white board to let the boys know what is on  the schedule for a 1-4 weeks at a time. Then I put all of the core resources in the box. Their research supplies are in the classroom – Dictionaries – etc. When they get done with a topic, they put their supplies, and their notebooking pages, back in these boxes. This year, we are using 3 ring binders instead of small individual soft paper 3 ring folders as we plan on traveling a lot this year.


Since we’re here, and it is the first week, I’ll give you a look around the room. Since today is the only day it will look this tidy for a while. Notice Nate’s Kombucha stash under the bench.


The view from the dining room table. Makes it hard to focus some days and we close the little curtains. I picked up a Macintosh Apple candle yesterday to make it smell more like fall.


My friend posted this verse on her FB wall yesterday:

Let my teaching fall like rain,
and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants. (Deut. 32:2)

I’m trying to soak that in as a teacher.


I love this part of our ding room. This folds down into a Futon, which we use to hang out and read in the winter, or cuddle up to watch videos. Usually the laundry is piled on the futon, keeping it real . . .


So – we’re ready for a new year! Excited to start. We have a high school friend joining us here in the mornings to do his schoolwork as well. Since we’re on the same path, I am excited to have a guest. As we get further along, and he gets less shy, I might introduce the whole class to you. Until then – Hope you have a great journey!  Starting 8th and 11th grade!!!


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5 Responses to Workboxes for High School

  1. Nita says:

    I absolutely love the view at your home! I wish I had that one. If I did we would get no work done either, lol!

  2. says:

    I’d love to invite you to link up Finishing Strong Homeschooling Middle & High School… . I guess at the high school level it would be simpler to have a friend come and do school with you. For us (4years -16 years ) friends can really wreak havoc although they don’t mean too. 😉

  3. Janet says:

    Visiting from LHSHS. 🙂
    Wow, what a view. We’d have trouble getting any work done with that view. Actually, we’d probably be doing work and school outdoors. Good idea, closing the blinds. And I love your little reading nook. I’d probably put a curtain over it so I could hide away and not be found…at least for a few minutes before my kids find me with book and chocolate in hand. 😉

  4. Nita says:

    I love workboxes! It keeps everyone organized. Definitely a lifesaver.

  5. Traci Matt says:

    Wow, that a distracting view! Just lovely! Have a great year, Angie.

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