Westport, Washington–Clean Water Classic



We set out with excitement to drive up the Oregon Coast north on Hwy 101. Nate was a baby the last time we went further than Tillamook. We heard a group of friend stopped at “Shorties” to surf, so that was our first break. A nice over half mile walk through an old grown forest along a trail full of woodpeckers? Joy.


It is a beautiful cove style beach. The water was SO warm.


We hit Westport after 9pm, registered and signed our papers – and headed to our room for the night.


Morning comes early at surf competitions – early surfer meeting on the beach pre-dawn.


Saturday was full of rekindling friendships among the surfer families – watching heat after heat of our friends battling it out in the Pro/Am division – and playing.


Jon went over to the “Groins” to find some surf. It was like a wave pool – kiddie pool. Every 5-10 minutes a nice head high set would roll in, but between that – simple 3-5 clean solid lines.


Jon was back to the California style of surfing where 5-6 guys hop up on every wave.


Here’s a shot of the Surfrider command centers at Westport.


Those tents are pretty far away from the surfers. We (Jon) figured out if we walked down the jetty we’d have a front row seat. It became our new favorite perch for Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


Here’s the tiny lil channel that the surfers use to get out. Crazy for a mama to watch.


But it was worth it. Super amazing double over head waves.


The heat after Jon’s was the 15-17’s. They paddled out and cheered him on.


Jon got two really  nice overhead waves – super fast – long rides. He said he wanted to rip his jersey off and stuff it in his wetuit and just keep going after his 15 minute heat.


Nate – my older son who loves the ocean but is not too fond of big wave surfing – stayed closer to shore.



Still challenging and had a great time!



The heats were over by 1, so it was back to the Groins to play with the group.


Awards were at the Islander – right on the marina.



Lookie there!  Jon got first place Juniors Division –14 and Under.

We had an amazing weekend! The Oregon Surf Shop is closing down  – so this was our last big Oregon Surf Team event. Eight team members were there and four placed in their categories. Super Stoked.

It’s been an amazing year being on the Oregon Surf Team. We haven’t chatted about it much here on the blog – Jon was the Ambassador of Stoke. The lil grom that the big boys took care of in the Ocean. His smile and eagerness to surf would pull guys out of their trucks and into their wetsuits on days that the conditions were not all that great – but still a good exercise paddle out. The bonds he has made in the water will remain even after our favorite hangout building is closed. Memories for a lifetime of being a lil Oregon Surf Shop  rat.

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