Middlebury Interactive Languages, A TOS Review

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Continuing with products that will help you homeschool through high school – I’d like to share our  foreign language learning adventure with you.
I learned about Middlebury Interactive Languages this fall. We are helping another young man with his homeschool and thought that the Spanish Courses  would be perfect for him.  Middlebury Interactive Languages has grades K-12 – and AP classes also. These are immersion style classes.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

We quickly were set up with an account for Spanish II and set out to dig in. Woah! It was serious hard to jump in at that level. These are Serious Classes. Not your standard greetings over and over. The entire course was in Spanish, instructions and all. You could click on the info or hear tab for some of the instructions, but for High School Spanish II, they assumed you knew your stuff. 

This is one of the first times that I had picked a level outside of our league.  I contacted Middlebury Interactive Languages  and asked them if I could switch gears. My middle school son has taken several Spanish classes. The High Schooler decided to switch to Latin with my 11th grade son and help the Middle School boy with the course if it was still intense for that level. Within 24 hours, we were enrolled in the Middle School Spanish 1 Class.  The folks with MIL were super easy to work with and fast!

  The screenshots below were provided for us, but they still explain what we saw during the class.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review


It is easy to navigate the screens. Along the left there are the screen shots for the lesson. You may click on the next screenshot or click the left or right arrow below. Not going to lie, it took us a few days to notice the arrows at the bottom. Ha.  In the upper right hand corner, it will tell you what part of the lesson you are on, and if there were questions, it will tell you how many you got correct. You may go back and try the questions again. On the screen above, the student drags the word over to the picture. When they think they have them all correct, they click the arrow and it will give them the right and wrong answers.

At first I wasn’t sure, but I came to like the way they presented each lesson. It starts with stretching their thinking about languages. The student is presented with a paragraph or set of words. Using what they already know, they try to decipher what they think the text says. Again, we thought this was hard at first, but it started to become a fun game.

Next, the lesson introduces the vocabulary, gives you practice games, and then using the words in sentences and quizes.

This is not a cute coddling language adventure for children. The Middle School, and from what we saw of the High School – this is a full blown credit worthy course.

We will continue with Spanish for Jon, I think this is a great product.  The boys got a little eager and moved ahead with this one day. Some of it was review, but much of the putting the words together immersion style was new and exciting for Jon. As I shared yesterday, he is not big with online learning. This program, however, moved at just the right pace for him. I think it helped to have T there with him ‘teaching’ him as well.

We used the Spanish Courses   for High School Spanish II, Grades 9-12 and Middle School Spanish 1 & 2, Grades 6-8 without  a Teacher. The cost of the class is $119 (per semester). For High School, you would definitely consider it a stand alone full credit course.

Since I have them handy, I’ll share the other courses we were offered as well:

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

  (Another view of how they use the words in the homework.)

  For us, I am glad that we were able to use it. So far Jon has only used ‘cutsie’ gimicky type of language programs. It was interesting to watch him navigate a “Middle School Level” program on his own. He did all of the work without my help, but did have help from T. I am thankful to see so many programs being offered online for homeschooling high school!   Click to read Crew Reviews     Crew Disclaimer

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