Morning Clean Routine–Race The Coffee Pot!


I thought I’d share my lil morning routine. I call it – Race the Coffee Pot.

I have several ways to make coffee, my favorite is the insulated french press.  My family got me an electric tea kettle for Christmas, so it has been added to the routine.  Whether I use a 4 or 12 cup perk, Italian Stove Top Espresso Maker, a pour over coffee dripper, or several sizes of French Presses – I start the clock when the water starts to get hot.


Then I try to give myself one task.  – Shine the Sink – Load or empty dishwasher, and wash misc. pots from the evening before. This morning, the dishwasher was half full, and the counter was fully full – so I loaded the dishwasher, washed the remainder and shined the sink.

Other days – we go to bed with a sparkly kitchen, so I’ll focus on putting a laundry cycle, fill washer – fold – sort. Or the Bathroom – swish and wipe. Or a general floor pick up of hats, socks, bags, cups, towels, weird misc items. . . . sigh.

When the coffee is done – I’m done –


It makes it more relaxing to spend an hour with friends online talking about pens, planners, blog posts, review items, horses, trips, amazon credits, surfing and chickens. (topics this morning).

I also love getting cups from friends. This red mug is from a friend “K” and she is going through a really seriously rough patch right now. I sip, and pray. Glance and pray. Hold and pray. My insulated pot was given by a friend who is on a year long mission trip over seas. She wrote on it before she passed it on, and the lettering – ‘because’ is still visible through washings. I pray for her – just because. Lord knows what she needs each day. I think she needs me. . . . so I wait patiently in the states. . . .

Do you have a morning routine that incorporates your quiet time, chores, online social time and blogging?

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