A Day in the Life


Well, not really a day, more like a month. I find myself not posting much about our day to day life here, because I’m active on social media. If you like to chat it up with a crazed homeschool mom – you can find me with Pebblekeeper at Facebook. Our family jumped into the Android Phone market, and now I have Instagram too. Pebblekeeper there as well. My photos auto backup to Google + Photos, so I thought I’d pull a few to share –


We belong to a Surf Club – the Tigersharks Surf Club. We got to go to Otter Rock this month with a group of kids and surf the lil waves. Quite a few new people.
You’ll hear more about Tigersharks when it starts full force later this Spring. 
I also got a rare photo of both boys together. Jon is 14 and Nate is 17.


I’ll spare you 100 surf photos from the month – This is a shot from Agate Beach. There were quite a few sand dollars on the beach. Seriously cool to find a bed of sand dollars.


I put the Kayak back in the water in March. Went Stand Up Paddling with a friend. I used to go every day, but have gotten tired, cold, and not enjoying cold water. Brrr.


Ok, I said not a 100 photos but I’ll sneak in a few. Jon has been enjoying going to Pacific City. It is closer to us than Otter Rock and has a good North Wind blocker. We spent the day there a few times, hiked to the top of the hill. I like to take photos of the otherside. We got to the top – and the ocean was fogged out. Still glorious.


We’ve been working on Greek, Art, Math and History. Greek Roots, Model Sculpting, Learning about Islam and in Pre-Algebra learning Ratios this week. Teacher Planning at the beach.


Lil Sun Shine Selfie. I think I was tired. Ha.


Oh – and my bracelet is the Heidi St John No Drama, Mama! reminder.


I ran for public office this month. Director position for the Devils Lake Water Improvement District. However, you need to own property in the district, so my entry was withdrawn.


9:26 on 3-14-15? Oh ya. When the boys were little, we’d save March 14th as Pi Day. I’d cut out lengths of yarn and they’d measure every round object in the house. Finding Circumference, Diameter and Radius. It’s a fun day that usually ended in round food – including pie.  This year we went with a Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza from Figaros, a frozen/thawed Choco Cream Pie – and a fresh baked cherry almond pie. Mmm. No measuring, but lots of good food and a celebration of slicing the pie at 9:26.


Storms have been strange this year. Lots of sand on the beach. Usually the sand gets stripped in the winter, built up in the summer. We haven’t had the big massive big wave storms. Didn’t have the Nelscott Big Wave contest. I got to walk, on sand, to the backside of one of our local tide pool spots; never able to do that in 6 years. Pretty cool.


Jon’s new short board is almost fun. Talking to our local shaper, Rob from Russo Surfboards about how the process is working out. We always enjoy hanging out in his shaping room!


Last year we tried Spelling You See’s new program. They added two more books for older kids, and we get to try it out again! Jon really enjoys this program and can do it on his own. Super stoked.


Took a walk in our side woods this week and found what my friend calls an Oyster Tree. An alder that grows oyster mushrooms. She says we’ll have mushrooms all year long on days that heat up. She suggested cutting off a piece to bring inside and watch them sprout in the warmth of our living room. Might just do that.


Without storms, we’ve had a lot of warm days. Even put the paddle boat in the water.


Artistic Pursuits Model project – they are painted now, and we’ll start a new project this week. A full review to come, but we’ll share as we go along.


Fund Raising Season is here for Younglife/Wyldlife Camps! Car Washes, Movies, Krispy Kremes, Lawn care – Sending two kids to camp  – worth it.


Our biggest news is that we have a new wetsuit in the house! A friend has come to live with us for a season while his parents travel. He’s 17, an amazing kid, and will be driving back and forth to Newport to go to college with Nate. So if there is another really tall blond kid in future photos – it’s not Jon with a growth spurt – it’s our new friend McGobes.

Well – that’s a good recap of the month. I’ll work a bit more diligently to share more here. We had a hard season of illnesses, but all is well now, hubby is back to work, school season is back in with the Tos Crew, I’ve backed out of the jobs that I started working while hubby was home, and life is feeling a bit more like our normal. Whatever normal is. Smile

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