Starting a New School Today



So weird. He’s been attending a tiny lil satellite community college this year, the last two terms. Two classes, then three. Right next to our community high school. Our town is so small that the high school is a 7th-12th grade building (1-6 and 7-12) It’s a hub of community activity, families, and sports. I had a couple of friends in his building. He could drive home on breaks. He works at the Community Center as a Lifeguard and would drive back and forth to work on breaks. at 16 and 17 yrs old – it was a perfect easy start. 


I talk to a lot of preschool moms. Elementary. Homeschool/Private and Public. There’s always the question of College. How? When? Ability? Seems like such an uphill battle in the land of far far away. The photo above? First time I’ve hiked this part of Cascade Head. It’s the last push to the top. It’s really steep. Can you see the boys walking up the tiny trail to the top?


But when you get to that part, it’s really only a couple of minutes of knee crushing climbing. Or maybe that’s just me. Heavy breathing and grunting. The boys? They jog it, quickly, with ease, then plop down to look over the edge. No heavy breathing. No complaints.


While I’m drinking my water, calming my heart rate, getting my breath back in a manageable pattern, sucking in oxygen – they are already looking at the other peaks to climb. Giggles, planning, joyful.


This is the other side of that little knob.  All I can think of – if you go too fast – you’ll fall off the knob! Slow Down. Be Careful. Scoot Back!!!  All worthy thoughts, but they are pretty careful and cautious. I just can’t help but say it aloud. I mention that this is what happens when they bring mom along. They just smile at me.


The above path is on the crest of a triangle peak. A few steps to the left or right and you’re sliding on your bottom to the bottom. Looks dangerous – but once you’re down there, the path is a couple of feet wide, and you’d really have to be distracted to fall. Focus. Stay focused on where you want to go. I just never looked to the left or my stomach would lurch.

So this morning – my son and his friend got in the car to drive to the ‘big town down south’ to go to the main college campus. They’ll be together, but not in the same classes. It will mean Monday – Thursday, once he’s left the house there will be no coming back til evening. At least it is spring, and the days are long and bright. He has a group of friends that have also moved to the big campus. Watching these 6’2 and 6’4?ish boys climb into the little Ford Escort Wagon, with coffee cups and backpacks, looking pretty stylish with their outfits of choice – A bit crazy on the mama heart.

Each new peak to climb seems so far away. Too steep. To arduous. They then run up and are adjusted before I ever catch up. Will it continue this way – these transitions?

Can’t wait to hear about his adventure this evening. I might join Forest Gump with his chair by the mail box.

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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  1. ats00 says:

    Love hearing your thoughts as you meander through this stage of your life with children, who are clearly no longer children 😉

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