Evening Beach Walk?



It’s been a while since I brought ya’ll along with me on a beach walk. When I arrived there were two Kite Boarders getting out of the water. We chatted it up about Jon getting some training gear. For some reason – I’m not too stoked about it. Seldom an injury outside of a fin cut with surfing – I hear of all sorts of ankle, head, arm, etc injuries with kites. We’ll see.


This looks almost like a Pinterest Win. I’ve seen a photo of these sand couch fire pits. However, I didn’t see any evidence of a fire actually being built in this one. This was at least 10-15 foot square – way larger than the perspective of the camera.



It always makes me happy when I find rock builders.



The first hill is the end of Road’s End. The hill behind it is actually the 3rd hill, Cascade Head, and the round hill, known as the Knobb is in the middle ( although in the photo it is to the far right.) This weekend we ‘Hiked the Knobb’ for the first time. It may be my new favorite get a way hike. The boys go up there sometimes 3 times a week. You can run it in 15 minutes. You could, Um, I couldn’t.




I was by myself, just me a the pup. Walking, thinking, relaxing. I love the end of the beach in our town, a lot less crowded, and very close to home. When I sit at home and hear the waves – these are the ones I hear. Joy.

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  1. Tim Tinkel says:

    Angie Wright I am so jealous! But, I suppose some people are jealous of me living close to the Smoky Mountains and going there four, five, six. . . or more times a year. 🙂

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