Earth Day–I Love My Lake!



This weekend we were able to participate in a community event – Lincoln City Community Days – 50th Birthday Celebration – Regatta Park Paddle. I don’t think we made t’shirts because the title didn’t fit. Ha.  Folks were urged to grab anything that could paddle and extra kayaks were available as well. My friend and Max helped me flip my SUP board and Kayak on the Subaru.


Water is seriously clear in the lake right now. Beeeeeautiful.


We started with a blue sky morning,
mirror flat lake, and a few wake boarders out doin’ their thing.


We paddled towards the Hospital for a quick start work out, then joined the kayak crowd to mosey down towards D River. The bridge there is the River, other side is the Pacific Ocean. If you look closely you’ll see the white wash of a wave under the bridge.


Along the river is a small canal, , a weird island, that you can paddle around.


I have two new hiking adventure friends. One of them is the
main creator /advertiser of this event. So glad to have adventure friends!



This is the water in the D River just before the dam.  The boards have not been put in yet, but the Cement Structure stays in all year. The sand is really high this year. I’ve been going to meetings to push the water district to remove the cement and replace the structure with a temporary summer impoundment. It would allow for more flushing in the high winter storm months, but still allow us to retain water in the summer for recreation.


When we got back to load up, we saw a small family trying on the life vests provided by the lake district so that their little girls could get close to the water. We offered to give a few lesson on the kayak and the shy fearful girls turned into crazy adventure paddle lovers.

My work here is done. Smile 

Love your local parks, lakes, rivers, and ocean. Get involved. Find projects that will better the entire watershed – and most importantly – get out there an enjoy it!!

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