Surf Training Walk


In between Pre-Algebra, IEW – TWSS – SWI-C (Institute for Excellence in Writing, Teaching Writing with Structure and Style, Structured Writing Intensive  Level C), Spelling You See, Piano with Willie, Fix it! and History – Jon plays quite a few sports.


He just finished up a track season setting his own personal records in Discus, Long Jump and the 100 meter Dash. He was a top 8th grader at meets representing Lincoln City. 

The last few weeks he has been practicing for Babe Ruth Baseball. He took a break last year – and decided to take a chance this year. It’s hard to be on a small town team, when these boys have played together since Tball.  Because of the surfing practice – his shoulders and arms are seriously strong. The boy can throw a ball. Working on getting his powerful hitting to be more intentional direction wise, but he has a mean punch on that bat.  So I won’t fill the feed with tons of baseball updates, but I’ll just say, as a surf mom, I’m seriously relaxed at sporting events, wrestling, track – no biggie. But I become a bit more boisterous at ball games. Hoot and Holler – Cheer and Scream – in a good way, just sort of, well, loud.


In the midst of this, Jon is still working out his new board. It has been a bit of  a challenge to switch from his well loved long board to the short board. Partly, I think, because he is mostly doing it for other people, and not because he really wants to do it. That is always hard. Last year I told folks to mind their own business. He wants to rock the longboard. He’s really excellent at it. There are world champion long boarders. Back off.


However, he also has goals to rock a few competitions this year. Competitions that really would be easier to use if you had more of a quiver of boards to use for different conditions. If he wants to be competitive, he needs more tools, physical resource tools. So – we ordered him a shorter board. The hard part, is living in the Pacific Northwest trying to get great surf days to practice on and break it in.


I think this is the last day for the spring that he’ll haul both boards around. The Longboard is still just serious fun for him.


We are blessed to have a group of guys here that enjoy surfing with Jon. While I was typing the intro sentence I got a call that folks will be heading to this spot at noon today. As soon as I finish chatting with you, I’ll go get Jon to start his school work so we can drive down.


My favorite part is walking around on the beach. I have another set of shots to share with you after I wake up the boy. I love being able to climb up and around and get the backside of the waves and the side view of the surfing.


This was about the 3rd or 4th day out. He was getting it. Up, but not very stable. He said the boys told him his foot needs to be planted on the stomp pad in the back. He’s so used to being in the middle of the board. The advice he got this week was to surf every day for 2 weeks and he’d become one with the board. I agree. I see that with Stand Up Paddle boards too, when a person switches to a more narrow board.

Folks say that I’m too busy. I do a lot of hurry up, pack up, get there, and wait. I feel selfish. Instead of folding laundry I’m out watching baseball, walking the beach, taking photos, discovering new details of our favorite spots. I love being able to write. I’ve been having a fun time with the groups on Facebook this month. Have you spent time at the MOB page? (Mothers of Boys). I’m feeling a little more confident giving mom advice, or at least honestly sharing our experiences and what has helped us. If you ever have questions I love answering here or by email.

So – we’ll be going strong with school this summer, review season is getting fun and in a nice rhythm. I’ll share more. I keep saying that a lot. I’ll share more.

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