UnLock Math Pre-Algebra, A Review

Unlock Math Review


Another math program to review? Stick around, this one is different. UnLock Math let the Homeschool Review Crew give a run through of  UnLock Pre-Algebra. I chose this as an alternative for our math program to help find gaps using assessments for my son before he takes his 8th grade assessment test.

What I found was a delightful new math tutoring program for our home.

You are probably familiar with the most popular math curriculum companies out there that provide online services, and the companies that provide video tutors. I believe that UnLock Math has combined the best of both worlds.

The video tutor is engaging.  I just smile watching her work. I’ve got one gap in my learning from both sons, and that is Linear Graphing. So we started there. Super quick easy to understand video. My son and I like seeing the instructor and the white board at the same time. This also brings in great easy to understand graphics.

Once we’ve watched and listened to the video, we move on to the practice sessions. There are also review questions and a quiz. Grades are given right away with, my favorite part, fully explained solutions. This is key to me – the solutions need to help the student figure out where he went wrong.

UnLock Math brands itself as being:

  • Comprehensive & Rigorous
  • Interactive & Adaptive
  • Engaging & Fun
  • Confidence boosting

Unlock Math Review

The screens are super easy to navigate. However,  one tired day I couldn’t figure out how to get to the dashboard above, and I opened a live chat. He quickly told me to click on my student’s name.

Each on of the topics above stands alone. You may jump from topic to topic. Simply find the math problem area from the list, and click on it. This opens a task frame to show you what to do. The top layer there is great! Simply follow the path. Warm Up, Video, unlimited Practice, Review, and then a Challenge, along with easy reference notes. One struggle we’ve had with other programs is that my sons are unable to figure out what to do next to move along through the program. They have solved this dilemma.

I really enjoyed a refresher in Linear Graphing, and this program has helped my son with his 8th grade assessments. The company recommends their product for 7th grade math and above. We will continue to use the program through the summer until we start Algebra 1. I have used the program on line through my phone and the videos play well, completely portable.

We’ve reviewed quite a few online programs, and so far, this one is my favorite. It is as if the programmer and writer knew the gaps in online math curriculums. No matter where you are learning – this is an excellent tutoring program for your child – but also a full curriculum, easy to navigate and simple to keep track of progress.

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