Resource Room Overhaul


So here is the trouble. Time to put away everything into the resource room. I have all of our current curriculum on the bench in the dining room. It’s supposed to only be the workbox. . . but . . .


We’ve also reviewed some amazing products this spring and summer, and I pulled out a ton of books for Day Camp, so my resource room desk looks like ^^^^^^^

And my craft center looks like this:


While the overflowing bookshelves look like:

IMG_20150731_105457081    IMG_20150731_105506639

Meanwhile, My journaling center and mama craft cupboard looks like:


That’s a lot for one room.

This year, I will have one lone 9th grade son. At this point, we do not have any plans to do a co-op or have other teens working on their homework here. I’m all jazzed up to take a more focused literature based approach this year – some project based – but lots of reading. We’ve started the past month, and it has been working out well. I need to weed out anything that isn’t going to be used for High School. Pull out my college son’s past workbooks, and thin out review items that we will not use again.

Which made a few piles that look like this:


I have a bunch of friends coming over this week to haul it off for me. I need to check a couple of company copy write laws to see how they view their consumables, but I think I tossed all of the workbook portions of the products.

Here’s what it simmers down to:


Top Shelf: Alg 1, 2, and Geometry. Math U See, and a few other helper books. IEW for Writing, Poetry Memorization and Spelling Zoo. Art of Argument and Discovery of Deduction, Spanish, Latin, A Sharon Watson writing program, and I love to keep my roots, Writing Road to Reading/ Spell to Write and Read, Wise Guide and cards.


Second Shelf:

We have half of it as Science Resources, wait, all the way to the Black Spirals which is Artistic Pursuits and Harmony Fine Arts books. What you don’t see are the Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101 that are under our TV for 3 years of Science. Well, Physics is in the mail .. . but it will be here soon!


The Third Shelf is Character and Bible. We’ll work on Because you are Strong by Doorposts this year, PE book, Geography, and we’ll do America the Beautiful by Notgrass this year. Government and Economics next year.

It was hard chucking workbooks and thinning it out. Realizing that Nate really isn’t going to homeschool, since he’s taking his second year of college, I’m a bit slow in seeing reality. My resource table is nice and clean. I like to go out there to think and plan, put together the workbox for the month, and do crafts.

Jon is working on some reading for When Worlds Collide by Sharon Watson, a literature unit for review. So we don’t really need any school resource object out.

I’d like to clear my mind, and start a fresh slate in September.

One joyful thing I did find – I like to go to our used book store and pick up New Living Translation Bibles. It is a good middle of the road, easy to read, version for group Bible Reading. I found out that I had picked up a Notemaker’s Bible Wide Margin Edition of the NLT. Score. I’ve been wanting to get into Bible Journaling, but I like to do precept type study in my bible and I have  system for colors already. I’ve been pinning bible journaling on Pinterest this week. Stoked.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m excited for a new High School Journey!

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