Literature for Adventure Outdoor Boy


It’s probably no surprise that I have a son that doesn’t cling to reading. Adventure, Sports, Science, Math, Art, Music – and he’s in the front row. Pull out the book, and he sets his timer for the required amount of time and takes it like a punishment.

This year – it’s going to be a required start of the day, after our morning routine. I’ve been looking at many 9th grade literature programs. Tapestry of Grace, IEW, Sonlight, Sharon Watson, and more. I agree that their books lists are impressive, but I’m dealing with a very reluctant fictional reader.

While chatting with a friend, lamenting, and showing her my choices – she agreed that the books probably would not spark his interest. She knows Jon well, and sees his crazy life lived out on Facebook and in town. Adventure. Sea Journeys. Discovery. Crazy Boys – that’s what Jon needs. Within an hour’s time, we had a very interesting list of books.


I started with my list online – looking up pricing and seeing what the book covers looked like so I could keep an eye out. I added them to my 9th grade resource list on Pinterest. Next I went to Bob’s Beach Books in town – and found out that most of them are out of print. They have another store in town Robert’s Bookstore – and a quick phone call confirmed that most, if not all, of the books were over there.

Robert’s is amazing. He has several rows of hard bound literature books, and two LONG rows of paperback literature. They just expanded and there are lit up maps all over the store to help you find your way, and a line of black tape on the floor to help you get out of the building in case of an emergency, or if you just get lost.  This section above, by the way, is the Nautical Fiction – which isn’t even in the literature section.


He also has several antiques around the store. Who would want to buy sea adventure books without a brass bell around? Here’s my plug. Slow down on that Free Shipping Prime tapping finger. There is free shipping in your own town! Even at Bob’s with the new books, she can order in a book, usually next day, at most next week. Local discount. Free shipping – I’ve only ever paid maybe $2.00 more than an online retailer, usually matched or less. GO find your used book stores in town and help them out!


So here is my pile. We just finished Puddin’Head Wilson, a review coming up – which made me know that the standard list might not work. We’re starting with Life of Pi, then working with poetry with Poe and Coleridge. Billy Budd looks fun, and then maybe Lord of the Flies and To Kill a Mockingbird. I just found the title from a friend of an adventure around The Horn, and Bob’s ordered it for me. We may start with that one, maybe. Oh, there are two not in this photo as well.

We are going to be doing some great courses this year – but reading is going to be in the forefront. Time to get our Literature On.


You know you have a bookstore that has a quirky sense of style when they found a fuselage at an auction and thought – oh – we could expand the store for more books!

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