Back on the THM Journey

It’s been two years since I started my food health journey with Trim Healthy Mama. August 2, 2013- is the day I switched my whole kitchen around to help me prepare meals that had a fuel source in mind as the focus. Do I want fats? Do I want a healthy carb?

The weight came off quickly, and my body changed dramatically. By January 2014 I had lost over 40 pounds. A 2x top to a medium. 18W pants to a 10/12. I felt fantastic. I could shop in any store and pull a 12 off the rack, and the only unknown was if I needed a 10 or even an 8 in that brand. It was a 18 year switch – a restart. And I was happy.

Too happy. I got relaxed. Maybe my body was healthy enough to enjoy more foods. More flours. A few sugar treats. More pizza. It started simple enough, and grew.

I re-read the Trim Healthy Mama book again this month. I can see where my weight stall began January 2014, and how I got completely de-railed in January of 2015. They have two terms: Helpers and Crossovers. Once you’ve gotten to your goal size, it is time to incorporate helpers into your day. A bit of Quinoa or Brown Rice with a fatty meal. A bit more sprouted bread with your eggs and bacon. A bit more corn or butter topping on popped corn. I started with Corn Chips – Baked – and took too much liberty. I found frozen Brown Rice at Trader Joes and relied on it too much. Healthy on plan foods – but eaten together  – is a recipe for stalls, and ultimately gains.

Then brought in a season of surgeries at our home. Travel. Illness. Job Loss. Financial destruction. It was easier to buy a loaf of English Muffin Bread and pop two slices in the toaster with my coffee than physically think of making breakfast. Easier to live off of sandwiches in a baggie than cut veggies and cheeses and meats in a lunch box. Soon enough, I’m going through the drive thru with my new found love of burgers, no longer asking for it to be without the bun. The weight shifted back on, and my health deteriorated. 29 pounds later – and I’m sick and tired most days. Again.

After the summer spent complaining to my friends that I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired – of saying – Tomorrow, Tomorrow I will start my THM eating again – I finally made the jump.

It’s been two weeks back on a very strict THM Fuel Plan. My house is cleaner than it’s been in months. To the corners, clutter derailed. Even new fresh decorations. Chair covers freshly washed, walls completely wiped down, floors restored. I’m down 10 pounds. I’m trying to move extra every day. Even yesterday with a horrible head cold, I walked up and down the road for 20 minutes. Move more.

What I’ve found, as mentioned above, is that I went off track with the two types of fuels, what they call S and E. Fats and Carbs. After January, I combined them more. Too often. I could easily see how a little combination didn’t cause me to gain, and was yum. I could see that cutting back could get rid of 3-5 pounds. I thought I was in control, but it was a slippery slope.

I hope to write about my journey here more. I’m not talking about it on Facebook, save for a couple of closed groups that I rejoined. I get so excited about food. Once my head is clear and I can see how amazing and free eating this way is – gaining energy, loosing weight, changing my body size – it’s all I can think about and talk about. I’m really trying not to annoy all of my friends. Once I’m away from sugars and flours, it just seems so clear. Why in the world would one eat something that will make them sick? Why?

This time – it is all about health. August 2013 it was my last ditch effort to prove to everyone that I couldn’t possibly loose weight with a thyroid metabolism problem. I lost that bet. Ha. This time it is for my gut – internal, not external. It is for my energy. For my arthritis in my fingers. For the blood flow to my legs and night cramps. For the swelling in my knees. For a healthier heart and lungs. I know, as I’ve seen already, the weight will slip off, but even when I stall, or my body says it’s done shedding – It’s for a healthy day.

I’ve finally realized, and come to terms, that my body – REALLY – can’t operate with flour.  I’m not celiac or such –but there has ben quick health reversals when I eat it.

My hope, is that January – I’ll be writing how healthy I feel – after this shifting body heals. Hopefully the side benefit of being smaller than I’ve ever been. I’ll be back to hiking the beach every day and back to bouncing up and down the Otter Rock stairs.

If you have been on THM, and fell off into pre-packaged, drive through, bakery foods – I hope to encourage you to get back on track. Read the book again. Really look at the recipes and portions.  Join a THM group on Facebook. One meal at a time, one day at a time, we can all get healthy together!

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3 Responses to Back on the THM Journey

  1. For me, sodas have been my downfall. I also try to keep moving. Walking 10k steps a day is key for me.

  2. sanjaywa says:

    Good on you. It’s so easy for life to get in the way isn’t it. I recently completed a fuel cycle (wow, those FP days were hard!) and my goodness did it get the weight falling off again. All the best!

  3. soa1 says:

    Glad you’re back in control. I started a program 2 weeks ago too. I got out the Tuxedo I used to wear in the Putnan Baptist orchestra. Barely could stretch it on. I’ll be wearing it for the Joe & Susan wedding in 2 more weeks. Lost 7 pounds so far. By the 13th, it will fit nicely.

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