Frustrated Already? Homeschooling Encouragement

A theme in my life has been change. Moves. Do overs. Restarts. I think it sets a pattern in my heart to embrace the day I have today.  I try to be open to trying new things, never knowing what might be my new favorite.

Such as it goes with homeschooling. If young moms ask me advice, new to homeschooling families, and folks who are burnt out? Try new things. Try that big curriculum package. But in a month, 3 months? Be willing to take what you’ve learned and move to what might work better.

We just spent the summer planning, plotting, typing up schedules, looking at lesson plans. How did last week work out for you? Do you feel yourself tugging with that lesson plan schedule, pulling your child behind you like you’re in a huge tug of war game? It’s ok to re think it. That’s why I like to plan using software during the fall. So simple, a few key strokes, and it can switch up.

Don’t think of it as giving in, being permissive, or caving. Have a mindset of training.

Is there one resource that really meets your goals, that you need to keep in? Is it hard for him to do on his own? Are you not understanding how to implement it? Go with your gut. Call the company. Send an email. Reread the teacher portions. Put a call out on your social media site asking advice from others who have used it. Look up reviews. And then focus on maybe just that one subject / resource for a week. Let the other subjects slip until you are in a groove.

One week of slowing down will benefit your family tremendously. What’s the option? Digging in? Toeing the line? Being Stern? Even yelling? If you feel yourself getting frustrated, back off.

We really learned this lesson with Math U See. It is a resource that clicks with all of our family. Usually, we watch the video, and simply do the practice lessons. However, I learned that if the individual lesson is too hard, then we missed something in the video. This year, with Algebra 1, I learned that we are also supposed to read the text, the student is to read it. When we go back over the lesson – the child – and the teacher – gets that missing ah-ha moment, and then the homework goes SO much smoother.

How did last week go? If you’re not in the Pacific Northwest with a late start, how has this last month gone? Where are your frustrations? What understanding would help? Is it resource based or character based? Is it really your child that needs character training or you? You’re the teacher. And the parent. Pull back. Figure out how to get on the same team with your students and move forward.

Be willing to make changes. Maybe it is the curriculum. But it’s not even October and you spent money you didn’t have on it. Is that worth your relationship with your child? Is that worth the struggle every morning? Post on your social media site. Ask for someone to trade. I have Teaching Textbooks in my garage, I’d trade for Math U See. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. Speak up.

This isn’t anywhere close to what I sat down to write. But if you’re still reading it, I just want to give you a hug. There is so much pressure at the first of the year. So many decisions that you most likely made on your own, or took the advice of a friend. Time is on your side. Take time for you – spruce up your coffee. Turn on some music. Listen to a encouraging pod cast. Journal. Be ready for the day – You Got This.

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