Stocking Stuffers!

I was introduced to a new to me lil product that is perfect for stocking stuffers or gift under the tree!  It’s called Kwik Stix. The Pencil Grip sent us a set of 12 Tempura Paint Sticks to play with and review to see if we’d like to share it with you. Well – We like it! More importantly, Jon liked it!

Kwik Stix, KidsCrafts, and TemperaPaint

Each stick is the size of a glue stick. It has a water color crayon type of a feel. You smooth it over the paper. The blend well while wet. I liked that it had white, and it layers well over colors – for us the white on a wave – after the blue had dried, which takes about 90 seconds.

What? Back that up?  Yes, I just said that these Tempura Paints dry completely in 90 seconds. I don’t even mean to sound like an infomercial.

I like that there is a good amount of color. Jon said that it wears down, but he did several drawings.

Kwik Stix, KidsCrafts, and TemperaPaint

I like the vibrant colors! Jon wasn’t excited about the centimeter diameter stick for drawing, he likes more of a fine point. But it is supposed to be paint. We tried moving the paint around with a brush and water, and it doesn’t’ really do that.

At first we thought it was a negative – but then Jon said – wait – this is for a no mess no fuss painting, like when he is watching tiny tots and they want to paint. The whole point is that you can paint, feel like paint, look like paint, and not have the mess of water and brushes. He moved the paint around, like in the sun below, with his fingers and he liked that it didn’t stick to his fingers.

Kwik Stix, KidsCrafts, and TemperaPaint

You can find the tempura sticks and some pretty cool pencil grips on their website. But if you are interested in purchasing, you can get it with Prime on Amazon and I’m sharing my affiliate link for you. Amazon Link – Helps Pebblekeeper  🙂

We’ve had these for about a week. They have adhered to wood and paper.  Something new under the tree?

I am going to give away a 6 pack on Facebook on the the Blog Page – Look for the post there!

Disclaimer: I received a 12 pack sample and a 6 pack giveaway from for use in review of their product in exchange for this post.

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  1. Rachelle McMaster says:

    These would be perfect for my kiddos.

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