Did Someone Mention High Water Storm System?



The Oregon Coast – where all of the rivers flow out to the sea. We have had the first day of sunshine since about November 17th. Over 29 days of straight rain. And high tides. And flooding. And Flooding. And Flooding.  Notice anything missing above? No dock, no sand box. Water to the lake wall.



This is the beach formally known as Taft. Now it is the Taft Lumber Yard.





We spent the day between rain showers looking for treasures that floated down the Siletz River.




Jon found quite a bit of fishing equipment!


He and Nate were able to fill a nice sized fishing tackle box, that they also found.



This is a plaque on the boardwalk from a previous big storm in 1939. The bay is good for brining a lot of  logs in to the the bay. This month the pier has been closed with warning tapes. Quite a few of the pilings look like they could easily be twisted by the logs underneath and a good strong swell.


Just a few logs.


You can get permits to cut the lumber and bring it home. On this day there were several guys out there bright and early!

Always an adventure!

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